10 reasons why Railway Empire is the best tycoon simulation game currently available

Still unsure about boarding the hype train? For those more hesitant entrepreneurs out there, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most important things that make Railway Empire the best railway tycoon game of this generation:

  1. The best currently available track construction. Tracks can be placed with pixel-perfect precision in the game world, as well as stations, points/switch and signals.
  2. Intelligent, adjustable AI that will quickly spread its influence across the entire map and dominate the game if you let it!
  3. Employ special staff to optimize your trains’ operations. Individual employees can influence each other’s performance and change over time.
  4. High-resolution terrain with mountains, lakes and canyons, brought to life with seamless zooming from bird’s eye to first-person viewpoints
  5. High-resolution assets (graphics and UI) allow native 4k rendering on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.
  6. Two modes for track complexity: ‘easy’, where trains can drive through each other, and ‘realistic’, where players must carefully manage their routes with signals and sidings.
  7. Extremely versatile signaling system with two signal types, which can be used to easily create highly complex logistical systems.
  8. Over 40 highly detailed locomotives and over 30 wagon types.
  9. Two research trees with 300 technologies for unlocking new locomotives and other innovations.
  10. Enjoy the ride in the driver’s cab or in first-person view with the ‘Ride Along’ feature

So, are you excited for Railway Empire? Secure your pre-order ticket today!

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