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13. September 2019

A look at the colourful cast of characters populating your space station in Spacebase Startopia

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In this blog post we introduce you to the character concepts for the aliens in our upcoming space management simulation Spacebase Startopia; more precisely VAL introduces itself and the concepts. 

“Hello, Commander.

I’m VAL the helpful and efficient space station AI and today I’m showing you an overview of the lesser creatures you’ll be manipulating on the Spacebase Startopia. Each inhabitant has their own needs and preferences, so it would be good to be prepared for the great onslaught, Commander.”


“Before we get to the alien races I will show you the highly efficient and not to mention cute helpers: the Droids of the Spacebase Startopia. They follow your every command without exception and will build rooms for you on the Bio-deck, Fun-deck and Sub-deck. In addition, they’ll clear away the garbage that your alien visitors produce.”

Now to the other – more or less – helpful creatures:

Star Chara Cleaner

“This is a Telgor. He works in the recycling station and converts the garbage into energy. You’ve already had the pleasure of meeting one of these Telgor… (Announcement Trailer). His name was Garry… I don’t miss him.”

Star Chara Farmer 166x300 1

“This pretty lady is a dryad and works – as her nature would suggest – on the Bio-Deck. There she ensures that new plants are sown and that existing plants can grow faster. Rumor has it that dryads are metalheads…”

Star Chara Doctor 178x300 1

“This alien belongs to the alien species Grey. Greys are known throughout the universe for “aquiring” alien life forms (remember Area 51) and to learn basic anatomical knowledge about them (best not to ask further). Nevertheless, this means that Greys make excellent doctors.”

Star Chara Overseer 209x300 1

“This friendly-naive face belongs to the Leviathan species and they work in the security headquarters to ensure that evil journeymen such as saboteurs, criminals, space pirates or voracious monsters don’t get too close, or at least don’t do not too much damage if they do, and that any losses among carbon-based creatures are within acceptable limits.”


“These little guys are known as Bugs and, thanks to their insectoid swarm spirit, are ideally suited to work in the communication center. Furthermore, according to Creative Director Christian Wolferstetter, they give by far the best performance on the dance floor in the Space Disco“.


“This cuddly lady is a Gothmothorian and she entertains the other aliens formidably in the Space Disco with her ‘mad DJ skills’ at the DJ desk.”


You have met 6 different alien races and the droids. But that’s not all… It seems I’m missing data for two more alien races and the Mech units that will be at your side in battle. But don’t worry Commander, until the Spacebase Startopia climbs into the sky, there is still time before the third quarter of 2020. Until then I will continue to prepare you for your mission.”