A new update (v1.11) for Commandos 2 – HD Remaster has been released!



Thanks again for your feedback thus far.

We’ve been hard at work improving the game and we’re happy to today announce update v.1.11, which includes a handful of pesky bugs that we were able to track down and squash with the help of the community.

For a more comprehensive list, please feel free to check out the changelog below:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: cursor offset from mouse pointer while zooming.
  • Fixed: dropped items weren’t visible until inventory was closed.
  • Fixed: player character was unresponsive when player cycled between multiple commandos while in a river
  • Fixed: after interacting with the notebook item, characters disappeared from the boat anchored off ‘Savo Island’
  • Fixed: enemies were visible through walls after loading a saved game
  • Fixed: added sound effects for land mine detonation
  • Fixed: orders erased when loading a saved game
  • Fixed: dead enemies appeared to stand in PiP
  • Fixed: noise indicator icon displayed in unusual spot while commandos are running
  • Fixed: pause menu elements overlapped at lower resolutions
  • Fixed: notebook links to ‘Tie & Gag’ and ‘Knock On A Wall’
  • Fixed: pathfinding was wrong for General NPC walking back to his office after player loaded a saved game during ‘Night of the Wolves’
  • Fixed: minor graphical issues with PiP when peeking through sewers
  • Fixed: zoom wouldn’t function from certain camera angles during Tutorial 2
  • Fixed: lowered music volume during mission briefings
  • Fixed: auto-fire was missing while playing ‘Saving Private Smith’
  • Fixed: skipping end scene would display ‘Skip’ text in results screen
  • Fixed: rope ladder for the Air Carrier in ‘Giant of Haiphong’ was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed: Whiskey’s image was removed from the UI after being killed
  • Fixed: Natasha would call the General from an incorrect position if the player loaded a quick save
  • Fixed: spotlights lit incorrectly in ‘Night of the Wolves’
  • Fixed: characters were masked incorrectly near the waterfall in ‘Guns of Savo Island’
  • Fixed: enemy soldiers would get stuck inside beds when player was spotted
  • Fixed: Green Beret’s sitting animation was offset when driving a vehicle near the wall
  • Fixed: textures and enemies would flicker when player drove a vehicle in ‘Castle Colditz’
  • Fixed: lighting was incorrect after loading a saved game where player is underwater
  • Fixed: spy hole PiP appeared if player was peeking through a door and a saved game was loaded
  • Fixed: noise indicator icon would display on the exterior of a room even if a commando was running inside
  • Fixed: all health kits disappeared from the Green Beret’s inventory when player tried to share with allies
  • Fixed: if an enemy killed Green Beret while he was in a vehicle, he appeared in a standing position
  • Fixed: commandos would fail to climb up/down using mechanical stairs due to offset marker position
  • Fixed: player character appeared in standing position after getting killed in the water
  • Fixed: commandos overlapped with each other if an objective PiP was invoked
  • Fixed: players could not zoom out during Bonus Mission 5
  • Fixed: animation for the Thief climbing onto and dismounting the elephant was missing in ‘Bridge Over River Kwai’
  • Fixed: player could use mouse wheel to zoom in and out while cut scenes were playing.
  • Fixed: player was able to replace poisoned wine bottle with sleeping pills in ‘Night of the Wolves’
  • Fixed: selecting a character via the keyboard instantly moved the camera
  • Fixed: changes made to ‘Master volume’ and ‘Music volume’ in audio settings were saved upon pressing ‘Esc’ key

Improvements and additions

  • Improved: players can now zoom out even further
  • Improved: Improved animations for characters in the UI
    • Additional work is still ongoing.
  • Improved: general underwater effects
  • Added: tooltips on characters’ UI
  • General improvements to gameplay, visuals and masking
  • Additional bug fixing and polish