All that glitters is not gold…or is it?

Dungeons 3 in-game event offers enticing bonus
rewards and…a glimpse at the future?

Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and developers Realmforge Studios have today announced a special new in-game event for their fan-favourite strategy title Dungeons 3. Beginning on 15th April and running indefinitely, the Golden Pickaxe Event introduces a new treasure-hunting challenge to the acclaimed dungeon management sim across all platforms (PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One).

In the event, the world of Dungeons 3 will suddenly be populated with mysterious golden pickaxes, with one appearing in a mission from each DLC released to date, along with the main game. Naturally, it’s down to the players to gather them up, with a selection of in-game goodies waiting to be unlocked and an extra special reward awaiting anyone that can locate a pickaxe in every piece of Dungeons 3 DLC. Rumour has it that this final reward has some connection to a faraway world…but what could it be?

Along with the Golden Pickaxe Event, there is currently a Dungeons 3 franchise sale on Steam and a seasonal Easter in-game event on all platforms, both of which will run until 22nd April, where players’ dungeons will be outfitted with an asrtment of cosmetic decorations.

Kalypso Media has also prepared a trailer for the Golden Pickaxe Event, available below:

Dungeons 3 is the biggest, best and evil-est game in the series yet, bringing all the humour and strategic depth of classic dungeon management sims to a whole new modern audience with an extensive singleplayer campaign, two player co-op mode, and a fully re-worked overworld RTS mode. Previous DLCs include Clash of Gods, Lord of the Kings, Evil of the Caribbean, Once Upon a Time and An Unexpected DLC.

Title: Dungeons 3
Platform(s): PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Linux, Mac
Developer: Realmforge Studios
Genre: Dungeon management
Release: Out now
Hashtag(s): #Dungeons3