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20. May 2021

Milestone 2017: Tanks and Longships

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For our next milestone, we head back to 2017. This was a year that showcased the broad portfolio of genres Kalypso could reckon with, including the release of brutal action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard and the RTS wartime epic Sudden Strike 4.


12. May 2021

Milestone 2018: Strategy classics get a new home

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On we go in our 15-year retrospective! The next milestone takes us back to the summer of 2018. It was a momentous occasion, 2 years ago in June, when we were able to announce that we’d secured the rights to Pyro Studios’ strategy classics Imperial Glory, Praetorians and, of course the forefather of real-time strategy, the mighty Commandos.


11. May 2021

“Dictatorship shall become extinct, Tropico shall please stay”

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Tropico, known world-over for its cheerful brand of dark humour, upbeat soundtrack, lush beaches, deep strategy gameplay and of course, protagonist El Presidente and his servile sidekick, Penultimo, has a lot of fans – reason enough for us to start a blog series surrounding industry professionals and what had them fall head-over-heels for the series.


Railway Empire – Update 1.14.0

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Railway Empire Update 1.14.0 is now available for PC, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. In update 1.14.0 you can expect some quality of life improvements and optimizations. Tracks without an owner no longer belong to the player when loading a savegame.


30. April 2021

Spacebase Changelog – Update 1.3


I am pleased to announce Update 1.3 for Spacebase Startopia on Steam, adding new features such as key mapping, so that you will be able to customize your controls. Update 1.3 also comes with a queue for research and other improvements highly requested by the community.