Be the dictator that Tropico deserves, AND the one it needs!

It‘s the comeback of the year: El Presidente returns with Tropico 6 to guide the fortunes of his nation in times of political turmoil and unrest – with visionary politics, foresight and of course, sheer brilliance. Naturally, he wishes only the best intentions for his people…right?

In Tropico 6, El Presidente promises the biggest, most beautiful and best Tropico…ever! The sixth installment of the popular dictator simulation is looking stunning on PC and consoles thanks to the power of the Unreal 4 engine. Even so, Kalypso Media and developers Limbic Entertainment are determined to go further than just graphical upgrades by modernizing the gameplay with new and innovative features, all without sacrificing the heart and soul of the Tropico series. And of course, the satirical humor and Caribbean flair that fans love to see will be central to this latest instalment of the franchise.

New developers Limbic Entertainment (based in Langen, Germany) will be taking the reins and bringing the much-loved tropical paradise to life, marking the first time in the series‘ history that a German publisher has taken the lead for El Presidente’s adventures. From the introduction of archipelagos, bridges and other new transport options to stealing the wonders of the world, Limbic are working extremely hard to introduce a host of exciting and sophisticated new ideas without neglecting the core of the series.

But we’re betting you’d rather see all of this in action, right? Well never fear – we’ve got the latest gameplay trailer for you right here!


Tropico 6 will be released in 2018 for Windows PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux.

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