Beta than ever: 7 changes and improvements made to Railway Empire

Thanks to the continued feedback from our dedicated beta testers, significant improvements have been in the recent months leading up to the full release of Railway Empire. Here are some of the most important changes so far:

Tutorial revision

The boss of the legendary Union Pacific Railroad, Thomas C. Durant, may be a mastermind tycoon, but his teaching skills in the original tutorial evidently left much to be desired among our beta testers. As a result, we sent our railway expert to back to basic training and developed a completely new tutorial, which now offers much more help and guidance as you take your first tentative in the world of Railway Empire.

Pause functions

Even the most successful of tycoons needs to take a break every now and then! But big business waits for no one, and with that in mind we have implemented three distinct pause modes, available for selection before you begin a game:

  • Trainiac (pausing is not possible, but you will receive a bonus to your final score)
  • Normal (game pauses during dialogs and events, with no effect on your final score)
  • Manual (game can be paused at any time, with a penalty to your final score)

Authentic sounds

Not only are Railway Empire’s 41 locomotives astonishingly detailed from a visual standpoint, but they also feature highly authentic sounds to enhance the tycoon experience and sense of immersion. All locomotives now have individual, authentic sound kits that bring the trains vividly to life.

American measurement system

As your fledgling business grows, you’re going to want to measure it – in a literal and figurative sense! And after consulting with our beta testers, the preference was clear – if we’re in America, then we need to measure like the Americans do! So now, all players can choose between Metric or American measuring systems in the options menu.

Height adjustments for tracks

As well as being able to decide whether to build your rail network in miles or metres, you can now adjust the height of your tracks as well! Will you design your tracks with efficiency in mind, or will you dive into sandbox mode and make something that might look more at home in a rollercoaster game? The choice is yours!

Bug fixing and performance improvements

No one wants obstructions on the track! To keep those trains get rolling, the development team behind Railway Empire has been working hard on overall performance and balancing throughout the beta.

Direct line to the developers

Don’t feel like waiting until the release of Railway Empire on 26th January? Then join the ever-growing Steam beta now, gain access to the exclusive beta forum and help make Railway Empire even better!


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