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In its endless malice, the Ultimate Evil has decided to grant you an exclusive peek into the planning phase of his moody, moldy home. (The Illusion-Breaking Evil would like to add: We’ve been rummaging around in the developers‘ Dungeons 3 treasure chest, and have dug out some concept artworks for you) Enjoy!

The key guideline for the design of the Dungeon’s interior was the ‚feelgood factor‘ – which means that the individual preference of all the evil creatures had to be taken into account before the appropriate furnishing(s) could be picked. Admittedly, the Sophisticated Evil’s diligent (yet fear-ridden) interior decorators did not have the easiest of tasks – for example, when the Orcs refused to accept that the ‚Essence of Rotten Hero Remains’ room scent did not find favour with the dungeon’s resident Succubae (Editor’s Note: Such talks with an Orc are somewhat…one sided).

Overall, the general wishes and design briefs from the various Horde creatures – especially the Orcs – were quite…well, brief. When the most creative input you receive is little more than a disgruntled ‚Ugh‘, it leaves rather a lot of room for interpretation. So ultimately, the Furnishing Evil had to rely on his intuition a fair bit:

Dungeons 3 Concept Art: Horde Bedroom

On the other side of the spectrum completely, the Undead Creatures were quite forthcoming with their stylistic requests, and set new standards in the underworld in terms of comfort and style. The threefold cushioned coffins, with cozy ‚soil‘ lining, are available in three colour variants; ‚pitch black‘, ‚decay’ and ‘omni-devouring gloom’ – and received suprsingly high praise from the sensitive long-teethed plants of the dungeon.

Dungeons 3 Concept Art: Undead Bedroom

The Succubae also had a definite style in mind for the concrete interior of their torture chamber. They clearly aimed for an atmospheric ambience, creating serene highlights with pleasant colours, so that the heroes can relax while receiving a routine, er…”treatment” (Editor: *coughs faintly*).

Dungeons 3 Concept Art: Hall Of Tortures

The lovely detailing and carefully attuned colour palette (dubbed ‚Last Dawn‘) also strengthen the heartwarming atmosphere of the relaxation pool.

Dungeons 3 Concept Art: Relaxpool

The Detail-Appreciating Evil naturally also tried to promote that cosy dungeon feeling by including various leisure opportunities and homely accessories into the design: such as the carefully curated and tastefully arranged training devices for the Arena, complete with  little Snot dolls for the exclusive use of the trainees; and the brand spanking new Brew3000 Cauldron.
However, the Foward-Looking Evil takes great care not only to accommodate his loyal underlings according to the Evil Protocols, but also to create a warm (and sometimes smoking hot) welcome for his esteemed guests. Heroes (un)fortunate enough to find their way down into the deepest, darkest areas of the dungeon will be met with elegant wall (and floor) decorations that are sure to surprise with some very special effects.

Dungeons 3 Concept Art: Arena


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