Club Manager 2022 heads into extra time as Kickstarter campaign draws to a close

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer 2tainment are preparing for the successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign for upcoming football management sim Club Manager 2022, which reached its €100,000 goal in just a matter of days and is now closing in on the €200,000 milestone. Fans that are yet to back the project can do so on the Club Manager 2022 Kickstarter campaign page, helping the game reach its final stretch goal and securing some exclusive rewards.

What you quickly forget when you focus on stretch goals is that the Kickstarter campaign was primarily about getting the community involved”, says Stefan Weyl, Managing Director of 2tainment. “We are incredibly grateful for the great support not only for the Kickstarter campaign itself, but to the game’s development. The feedback we have received over the last few weeks has been invaluable and we will be looking to integrate as much as possible into the final game.”

At the time of writing, 4 out of 5 stretch goals have already been achieved, with features such as national teams, half-time speeches, macOS and Linux support and other extras all set to be included in the finished game. Just one stretch goal remains to be reached by the end of the campaign on Saturday: the online multiplayer mode.

Fans are invited to help Club Manager 2022 unlock this final feature by backing the project on Kickstarter. For more information and the latest news, fans and backers can also register for the newsletter on the game’s official website  and can  connect with the rest of the Club Manager 2022 community on the game’s official Facebook page.

Title: Club Manager 2022
Platforms: Windows PC
Developer: 2tainment
Genre: Football management simulator
Release date: 2021
Hashtag: #ClubManager2022