Hotfix v1.3.1 for Port Royale 4 has just been released!

Hi everyone! 

We just released Hotfix v1.3.1 for Port Royale 4 on Steam. 

Please find a detailed list below. 

Your Port Royale 4 team 


Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed: New game starting option for war frequency not working as expected. 
  • Fixed: When starting a new game, vessels sometimes displayed grey flags and did not hiss the player’s flag. 
  • Fixed: Wrong calculation for the costs of trading licences, leading to much higher prices than intended. For the curious players out there: The new cap for the trading and building licences introduced in update 1.3 is achieved through a radical in the calculation, therefore the increase of costs should get smaller the more your company value increases instead of growing equally with the company value as before. 
  • Fixed: Dice game not providing a part of the treasure map upon winning. 
  • Fixed: Some tasks are fulfilled from the start and others are too difficult to achieve in the provided time frame. 
  • Fixed: Military convoys not attacking your convoy anymore after you raided one of their trading convoys. 
  • Fixed: After declaring independence, the large shipyard could only build corvettes. 
  • Fixed: The effect of the naval battle tactic “Smoke” could be removed through opening and closing the auto-resolve window. 
  • Fixed: Attempting to claim the city title “City of Iron” not possible. 
  • Fixed: The city title “Metropolis of the Caribbean” could be owned by more than one town.