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12. April 2021

Immortal Realms – Update 1.03 for PS4 & Xbox One

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Vampires and other creatures of the night! 

Update 1.03 for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. This update fixes several bugs and errors that lead to crashes. A detailed list of all changes can be found below.   

Your Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars team 

  • Fixed errors, that lead to crashes for some users. For example, by reducing the complexity of the Arcane Barrage visual effect and a change to how certain assets unload.   
  • Saving the game between the two final battles no longer results in freezes/crashes.   
  • The end turn warning text now says “pressing” rather than “clicking”.   
  • “Warmont Champion” Trophy can now properly be unlocked.   
  • The second objective in Moroia Mission 2 is now properly translated in all languages.   
  • The Realm info screen is now fully translated in all languages. 
  • The “play card” highlight is now always disabled after playing a card.   
  • Hovers on Notifications now show correctly.   
  • Fixed the formatting of Ruling cards for the Russian language.   
  • “Available Action Points” notification for an army is now properly removed when merging two armies.   
  • Urhammu no longer wears his crown in cutscenes when he isn’t supposed to.   
  • Nosfernus Sandbox and Campaign saves are now correctly labeled.   

PS4 Specific:  

  • “Eroe” Trophy description now reads correctly in Italian.   
  • The correct L3 button prompt is shown in the tutorial.