Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Beta Update (v0.94) – ‚Mysteries of the Moroia‘ released!



Esteemed Vampire Lords and Ladies,

The Moroia clan has arrived in Nemire! Missions I – III of the Moroia campaign follow the story of this mysterious clan, allowing players to explore and do battle on the frozen plains of Esain while learning more about the Moroia’s bloody history.

Below is an overview of the latest additions, improvements and changes made to the beta with this recent update.

Thank you for your continued feedback and bug reporting!


  • Moroia campaign mission I – III unlocked
  • Numerous bug fixes, adjustments, and improvements, including:
    • Fixed an issue with the pause menu failing to open in Skirmish mode.
    • Fixed a bug with end battle in Dracul mission IV.
    • Fixed several issues in Nosfernus mission I.
    • Fixed several missing weapons and unit shadows in Skirmish mode.
    • Fixed an issue with the speed function affecting animations in Skirmish mode.
    • Fixed an issue with the “Charge” ability.
    • Fixed various text issues.
    • Fixed several missing or incorrect animations.
    • Fixed End Turn button not working.
    • Fixed sound issues on cinematics.
    • Fixed missing voice overs.
    • Fixed issues related to saving and loading games.


Important information for PC Steam beta-players:
Please note:

Stay tuned for more updates and please remember to report any bugs or issues directly to the developers by hitting the “F1” key to access the in-game report function.
Additionally, to test the latest changes and improvements we made to two Dracul-missions, the respective missions of the Dracul-campaign need to be started anew.
Old savegames will not receive/include the latest improvements we made for this specific campaign.

Important information for Xbox One Game Preview players:
Please be aware:
With the huge improvements and changes that we have made, savegames lost their compatibility and therefore, a new game must be started, as old savegames will not work with the latest update.