Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars beta update ‘Vengeance’ (v. 0.92) has been released!


Lords and ladies,

Today’s update includes a variety of additions, new features and improvements, of which a detailed list can be found below.

Thank you so much to all who’ve submitted feedback so far and we hope you continue to enjoy the beta.


New additions

  • Dracul campaign mission 3 is now playable.
  • In Sandbox Mode, Tier 3 units have been added and can now be recruited outside of the prison.
  • Added Warmont Sandbox map.
  • Added German localization.
  • Added 8 new Kingdom Mode cards to the pool of neutral cards that all clans have access to, bringing the total of neutral cards to
  • Added 48 new variations of buildings so to display upgrades (12 generic, 36 clan specific)
    • Upgradeable buildings now have four different states pertaining to their 3D model, dependant on how many upgrades have been applied.
  • Added community-requested feature: capture point mechanics:
    • Capture points have been added to battle maps to give Battle Mode further tactical depth. 6 different points have been added, each with two mechanical variations (e.g. a Watchtower that fires normal arrows and another that fires magic arrows). This brings the total capture points in Battle Mode to 12.
  • Added 8 new special province effects:
    • When ending your turn in certain provinces, armies will now receive a buff at the beginning of your next turn. For example, when ending your turn on a library, an army can receive increased mana regeneration.


  • The maximum camera distance has been increased in Kingdom Mode, allowing players to zoom out even further
  • 48 building upgrades are now shown in the UI:
    • With the new building variations (see above), the Building banner will now display how many upgrades a building has had applied.
  • End of turn pop-up reminder:
    • These reminders can now be freely adjusted by the player but also set in place, to prevent players ending their turn too soon and before certain key actions have been taken, such as spending Clan Legacy points and levelling up Lords.
  • Improved navigation to mini map and UI:
    • Various improvements have been made to the mini-map and navigation, most notably: provinces selected by players will now highlight and display on the mini map.
  • Pathing over multiple provinces:
    • Players are now able to move between multiple discovered provinces using a single move order.
  • Clarify ruling descriptions and bringing these to Campaign mode
    • The layout of Ruling Cards has been updated and now separates the lore and effect information. Effect text will also be split into easier to digest bullet points.
  • Keyword explanation now displays next to keywords
    • When hovering over a Unit or Spell Card containing a Keyword, players will now receive a pop-up explaining the keyword.
  • Improved pacing for Lord-specific Traits and Spell Cards
    • Lords will no longer have their Background Traits and Spell Cards unlocked from the get-go. Instead, these will now be unlocked overtime, as the Lord levels up.
  • Province borders now display beneath fog of war (highlighted on the mini map)
    • The borders of undiscovered provinces are now displayed on both the mini map and in the game world.
  • Kingdom Mode border improvements
    • Province borders have had additional detail added
  • Adjusted colour signifiers:
    • In Battle Mode, tiles on which targets within the range of both Spell Card and physical attacks are located will now highlight.
    • Clearer unit diversity highlighted by stronger colours, lighting, and shader settings
    • In Campaign, once a new scenario is unlocked, colour will be added to scenario card relevant to the currently selected clan.
    • Background effects will also now match the colour of the selected clan.
  • Battles can now be initiated from either side of the map
  • Improved spell visuals
  • Fixed various bugs