Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars update ‘Rise of the Nosfernus’ (Beta v0.93) now available for Steam and Xbox One!


Vampires and other creatures of the night,

Here is the latest overview of all the additions, improvements and changes that have just been released for the beta.
Thanks for all your feedback and bug reports so far – we hope you continue to enjoy playing the beta!


  • [XB1+PC] The complete Nosfernus campaign is now unlocked (all 4 missions)
  • [XB1+PC] Dracul Missions 2 and 3 have been improved with additional dialogue and other adjustments, to add more depth.
  • [PC] Sandbox and Skirmish Modes are now fully unlocked
    • This means: All clans, all maps, all units. Literally everything can be accessed now in Skirmish and Sandbox modes.
  • [PC] Added: A 2D overview map, accessible through the “M” key
  • [PC] Added: Siege maps for battles taking place on keeps (no walls but unique looks and blocker layouts)
  • [PC] Added: Aspirations battle-mechanic for lords, to provide the player with randomized optional tasks in battle


  • [XB1+PC] Various bug fixes and minor improvements
    • As we have gone through many iterations and versions, with lots of bugfixes for both the PC beta, Xbox One Game Preview and the final release version of the game. As such, there are too many changes, bugfixes and list them all in just one changelog.


Important information for PC Steam beta-players:
Please note:

Stay tuned for more updates and please remember to report any bugs or issues directly to the developers by hitting the “F1” key to access the in-game report function.
Additionally, to test the latest changes and improvements we made to two Dracul-missions, the respective missions of the Dracul-campaign need to be started anew.
Old savegames will not receive/include the latest improvements we made for this specific campaign.

Important information for Xbox One Game Preview players:
Please be aware:
With the huge improvements and changes that we have made, savegames lost their compatibility and therefore, a new game must be started, as old savegames will not work with the latest update.