Inside Urban Empire – Blood Is Thicker Than Water

In the beginning of Urban Empire you will be asked to pick one of four leading families in Swarelia. Will you choose to sympathize with the aristocratic and loyal van Pfilzen family or maybe with the bon-vivant of the Shyskys? Will your inquisitive mind draw you to the innovative Sant’Elias’ or do the socially-thinking Kilgannon’s make your heart beat faster?

Whoever you choose, your decision will influence the course of the game – depending on the respective era, you play as one of the family members, each with a unique story and special traits. With this blog entry, we’d like to introduce two of them in more detail to you: Simeon von Pfilzen and Dougal Kilgannon, son and heir in the second generation of Urban Empire’s timeline.

Von Pfilzen vs. Kilgannon
Simeon von Pfilzen

Simeon von Pfilzen

In era two of Urban Empire things heat up between Simeon von Pfilzen and Dougal Kilgannon. While Simeon is an apt advocate of traditional and conservative virtues who became bitter due to a bland and heirless marriage, Dougal is a committed supporter of reforms and civil rights. Both display a natural disdain for the other. The nagging mockery of the privileged families like the von Pfilzens against the working class past of the Kilgannons is heating up their relationship. Things got even worse when von Pfilzen storms into Kilgannon’s office, yelling in anger ‘This is a disgrace’ as reaction to his support of women’s enfranchisement.

The Agony of Choice
Dougal Kilgannon

Dougal Kilgannon

Playing as a mayor from the Kilgannon dynasty, you have 3 options now: 1) Tell him to leave, 2) tell him you’ll reconsider or 3) defend your opinion.

This will of course lead to different outcomes: 1) The Conservatives are pushed in their fierce opposition and you’ll lose their goodwill. 2) Your standing with the Liberals will deteriorate. 3)You gain some support from the Liberals, but the Conservatives are pushed in their opposition against Women’s Rights and you will lose a lot of your support from them.

However, you should keep in mind, that the consequences are not only dependent on the choices you make now, but also on the decisions you’ve made previously and your resulting standing with the different parties in the city council. So, if you had a good standing with the Conservatives previously, their opposition will be slightly more moderate; if they already had you on their ‘list’ before, the gap will become huge.

Which option would you pick as mayor?