Kalypso-Care: New content for many games

Keeping soldiers fit, locomotives fuelled and the shadows dark one step at a time, with various free updates and DLC expanding the legacy of our current games.

This week, these free updates have been released:

A click on the image will link you to the complete changelogs:

The updating Evil has released a new update for Dungeons 3 to exterminate bugs!


The Finance Update comes with a new character and quality of life improvements.


Call for AI-backup with a new feature in skirmish and multiplayer matches.

sus_capsuleFurthermore, these expansions have been released:

After laying down thousands of miles of tracks in North and South America, Kalypso Media is letting tycoons loose across Europe, starting today with the launch of the Great Britain & Ireland DLC for Railway Empire.


Death is only the beginning! Kalypso Media has braved the darkest depths of the Heretic Kingdoms to announce that Necrophage’s Curse, the latest blood-tinged DLC for Shadows: Awakening