Kalypso Media at gamescom 2019 in pictures


This year Kalypso Media showcased the biggest lineup in the company’s history at gamescom 2019. Among those, two world-premiers: Spacebase Startopia and Port Royale 4.

Watch the Kalypso Media gamescom 2019 Trailer on YouTube

Day 0: Let’s get started! Preparing our Entertainment booth
‘Getting started’ – Product Manager Uwe Roth already unpacking and setting up our CSL Boostboxx high-end gaming PCs with hardware from ASUS Republic of Gamers

Day 1: Business business, numbers numbers
‘Before the Storm’ – This is how Kalypso Media’s Business booth looked like before the doors opened.

Day 1: Gamescom opening event with Kalypso Media on stage

‘Let the games begin!’ – Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios starting the gamescom on the showstage. From left to right: Anika Thun (Kalypso Media International Marketing Director), Daniel Dumont (Creative Director Gaming Minds Studios), gamescom show host.

Day 1: Tropico 6 for Xbox One or else
‘El Presidente wants you’ – Tropico 6 for Xbox One can already be played in the Xbox One Game Preview. The official console release for Xbox One and Playstation4 is 27th September!

Day 1: Politicans know, where games live
‘Gaming becomes more popular’ – Tiemo Wölken, S&D/ German Member of the European Parliament (left), is shown the new Spacebase Startopia by developer Florian Nicolai Lampe (right).

‘Gaming becomes more popular’ – From left to right: Joey Vogl (Kalypso Media QA-Manager), Gernot Wilken (Kalypso Media Marketing Manager), Tanja Thoma (Kalypso Media Art Team), Kevin Kühnert (SPD/Federal Chairman of the Jusos), Lisa (Kalypso Media booth staff, Sebastian Steinbach (Public Affairs Consultant at the GAME). – Photo taken by Franziska Krug / game

‘Gaming becomes more popular’ – From right to left: Malu Dreyer (SPD), Florian Nicolai Lampe (developer at Realmforge Studios), Ben Palfner (GameUp! Project Manager) – Photo taken by Franziska Krug / game

Day 1: FFF Bayern takes hands-on literally
‘Bavaria is not just known for its famous beer’ – Spacebase Startopia is supported by FFF Bayern: Dorothee Erpenstein (left), Chief Executive of the FFF Bayern giving a handshake to Christian Wolfertstetter (right), Creative Director of Realmforge Studios/Spacebase Startopia

Day 2: Aspiring vampire lords playing Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars!
‘First Blood’ – Gamecom attendees enjoying Kalypso Media’s newest title Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars. Hint: Join the beta via the Kalypso Media Store.

Day 4: Writing Bull – Community Meeting
‘Can you spot Writing Bull?` – It has become a beloved gamescom tradition that YouTuber Writing Bull (last row, third from left) invites his Community to the annual community meeting at the Kalypso Media Entertainment booth

Day 5: Last day, still everybody enjoys gamescom
‘Kalypso with a Smile’ – Our staff enjoying the last day of gamescom this year at the Entertainment booth with a smile, thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received.

Thank you everyone who came by at our booth, everybody who has worked at the booth, and everybody who enjoys our games, old and new alike.

See you next gamescom in 2020!