Kalypso Monthly-Update – Of Trains and Tropicans

Hello everyone,

Today we’re with the first entry in a brand-new series – the Kalypso Monthly Update! In this series we’ll be presenting you with an overview of everything that going on at Kalypso Media over the last month, including all the latest news and updates about our current and upcoming games.


Railway Empire
Railway-Empire_DLC-Mexico-Logo_smallSmart AI, crossings and Mexico!

On May 7th, update 1.4 was released on the public test branch for Railway Empire on Steam, allowing you to test several long-awaited community-requested features before their official release in the main game. This update included the ability to let AI opponents use the complex track system, and introducing crossings (usable by both players and AI). And thanks to your ongoing feedback, update 1.4 will go roll into the full game in just a couple of weeks.

Our Railway Empire continues to grow! On June 8th 2018, the ‘Mexico’ DLC will extend your railway experience from the arid northern regions all the way to the dense jungles in the south of Mexico. The new content will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and brings you a new scenario (Viva Mexico! – 1873-1893), the Mexico map (playable in Free Game and Sandbox modes), additional goods, 24 new cities and two new locomotives.

  • More information here: Mexico
Tropico 6
El_Prez_Statue_2El Presidente provides insight!

On May 23rd, El Presidente himself unveiled a new statue in celebration of El Presidente’s Day. There are rumours he’s pondering a new law making it compulsory for every Tropican to bow when passing the statue.

  • Follow the esteemed leader of Tropico on Twitter for more insight into El Presidente’s adventures.

And El Presidente wasn’t the only one providing hints about the future of Tropico, because on May 17th Limbic Entertainment treated us to a very special studio tour. You can find the pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Under the threatening…er, generous eyes of our luxuriantly-bearded leader, the programmers, level designers, writers and artists of Tropico 6 are all working diligently on the game, which will be released later this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Vikings – Wolves of Midgard
Vikings_Big-IconSharpen your axes!

On May 2nd, we also released a new update for Vikings – Wolves of Midgard on all platforms. Among a bunch of fixes and stability improvements, we also added a new feature giving players the ability to trade legendary fragments between each other when playing in co-op mode.

Find the full changelog here: Update 2.03