Money for the Mayor: 10 tips for managing the city’s finances in Urban Empire

Life’s tough at the top, and the challenges of running your very own city usually hinge on one all-important resource – money. Here are 10 tips that will help you keep the city coffers brimming with bullion in a range of different circumstances and situations. However, all this will depend greatly on the decisions you’ve made in the game up until this point; so an option that works for one player may not necessarily work as effectively for another.

  1. Proceed with caution: One wrong decision can compromise your income for years, so try to think ahead and aim for slow and steady progress rather than rushed, reactionary decisions.
  2. Vox Populi: Keep a close eye on the needs of your citizens – if you plan and build accordingly, you’ll avoid wasting money on stuff that your citizens don’t actually need or want.
  3. Expansion policy: Once you start making a stable income with your first district, consider building another one. Bit-by-bit you’ll work your way towards a thriving metropolis. Make sure you don’t flood your city with new districts – patience is key.
  4. The taxman cometh: If your city is in debt, raising taxes is always an option. Just don’t go too far, too fast! There are limits to how far you can raise taxes, so you definitely don’t want to start by maxing this out. Start small and see what the consequences are! To begin with, start off by increasing taxes just for your citizens, and be very careful with company taxes.
  5. The road not taken: Do not upgrade your roads/transportation until the traffic utilization stat has reached 100%. This will save you from paying too much upkeep until your city actually needs the infrastructure improvements.
  6. The letter of the law: Issue edicts to license gambling, tobacco and alcohol in your city, which will bolster your funds.
  7. Put your hand in your pocket: If your city funds are running dry, use your own private funds to build new districts or institutions that will increase your income opportunities.
  8. Business savvy: Use your private funds to increase the effectiveness of your economy through the ‘Promote Business’ feature. To do this, click on a commercial building in your city to get to the building menu and then click ‘Promote Business’.
  9. Speculate to accumulate: Build special buildings that give your economy an additional boost, like a railway station or harbor. As always though, exercise some restraint and take one step at a time. City planning is a marathon, not a sprint!
  10. Tough love: Sometimes, the best thing to do is to cut funding in some areas (e.g. education), but make sure to check the needs of your citizens needs first, to make sure you don’t cut something that will end up affecting your approval ratings.