New Update (v.1.12) ‘Challenge 3 – Great Plains Update’ has been released! | Kalypso Media Blog

5. March 2020

New Update (v.1.12) ‘Challenge 3 – Great Plains Update’ has been released!

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Today sees the release of the new ‘Great Plains’ Challenge Update (version 1.12) on all platforms.

To give you a short introduction into the latest Challenge Update:

New Features:
Challenge 3 – Great Plains
After the transcontinental railroad was completed in May 1869, more and more cities of the Great Plains east of the Rocky Mountains have been connected to major railroad lines and cities have prospered as a result. The railroads also brought farmers to the region, who were now able to deliver their products to the East and West Coasts by rail. In this challenge, your job is to connect all the cities, create metropolises like Denver and promote the production of agricultural commodities.

Changes / Alterations:

  • Added reimbursement as new gameplay option:
    • Toggled OFF – trade-in value for locomotives only accounts for 50% at most (always applies in challenge scenarios)
    • Toggled ON – Balancing/Adjustment of price drops (drops linearly down to 20% at most)
  • Added the date until the journalist and and market crier remains active

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Deleting a track rarely resulted in the creation of a track circuit.
  • Adjusted several achievement requests to the descriptive texts.
  • Fixed: Crash issues caused by farms on the map “Northern Europe 1910”.
  • Fixed: Task list for Challenges: Failed tasks are now correctly displayed.
  • Dialogue window for Town/Express Goods/Diagram: Colours are now correctly assigned to mail and passengers