One king to rule them all? We’ll see about that! New Dungeons 3 DLC Lord of the Kings out now

After enslaving Fairyland and indulging in some swashbuckling shenanigans on the island paradise of Tortuga, the All-Conquering-Evil is turning…good? Wait, that can’t be right…

In Lord of the Kings, the great King Arcturus has returned from his recent quest with the Holy Grail in tow, only to find out that someone has devastated his city of Stormbreeze, along with the rest of the kingdom. He immediately set about recapturing his lands, as any goodie-two-shoes ruler would naturally do.

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In a sickeningly good-natured turn of pace, you will start out actually helping King Arcturus, but never fear, faithful snots – it won’t last for too long. Remember, nice guys finish last – especially when the Absolute Evil is involved!

The Lord of the Kings brings the epic Dungeons 3 DLC trilogy to a close on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One worldwide for £3.99 / $4.99 / €4.99, and includes three new campaign maps, three evil hubs, a new boss enemy and a new wall tile set to add some ruthless style to your dungeon.