Port Royale 4 Beta: ‘England – Nation Update` (v0.1.0-12915) has been released

Hear ye!
We’ve got another update for the Port Royale 4 Beta, fresh off the boat!
This update will feature a whole new playable nation to be added: England.

Additionally, the latest update will feature some new features and improvements as well as a lot of bugfixes, that could be tackled with help of your feedback!

Thank you for supporting Port Royale 4 and reporting!
Please keep it up!

Find below a full list of all bugfixes in this update:


New Features & Improvements
  • Unlocked England as playable nation for Campaign and Free mode.
  • Display wind and production with ALT key.
  • Lightning will be visually represented in storms now.
  • New hints and information from the viceroy and advisor.
  • Vegetation: scatter over whole map.
  • Steam Achievement – 10,000 sailors
  • Fire arrows now available in naval battles.
  • Repair effect now implemented.
  • Kraken have been implemented in naval battles, which snare the opposing ships
  • Added a selection of player flags.
  • New captains’ portraits have been added.
  • Other country towns are visible from the beginning to the user, which are at the border of the users’ country.



User Interface & Display

  • Convoy: Repair: Missing UserMessage
  • Convoy: Captain: Patrol Mode: Missing User Message for lack of command points.
  • Viceroy: audience – flag moved.
  • Palm trees have black edges.
  • Automatic trade routes: Distribute convoys: Ships will sail one by one and not as a full convoy.
  • Large shipyard: construction order: “Orders placed” is not properly updated.
  • Viceroy menu: Nations: frame of the VK animations moved.
  • Convoy: Convoy HUD: “stability” is not updated after damage.
  • Manual: Distances between normal texts are different.
  • Headlines in tips and tricks clickable but empty.
  • Building construction: residential areas: icons for taverns & chapel effect do not update.
  • Building construction: building menu: “shipbuilder” icon missing.
  • Polishing: City Dialogue: Production: Selection & Over State equal.
  • Viceroy: Diplomacy – Wrong text.
  • Pirate hiding places are not shown.
  • City Dialogue: City Tab: Missing info on jobs.
  • City menu: Trade between city and convoy: Usable area of the trade button moved.
  • If you stop the time the mini map does not update the active trade route.
  • Route length is not displayed correctly
  • SFX is missing while toggling over the tabs all over the menus throughout the game.
  • ‘Game Menu’ does not appear after monitor goes into sleep and resumes on the game screen.
  • The commodities slider displays an increasing count although loading was aborted after filling the 200 units.
  • Graphical corruption is observed on the button depictions in HDR enable mode.
  • Siege Popup without letter of marque.
  • Click on mini map does not lead to the selected city.
  • Enter key of Num-Pad does not work.
  • Trading outside trade window.
  • Treasure map – landing position does not match with 2D map.
  • Treasure is not uncovered.
  • Completion dialogue: Does not show the time required.
  • Task list: Completion date is displayed twice.
  • End dialogue: English localization was missing completely.



  • Grain is bought up by AI.
  • AI buys wheat.
  • AI buys wood.
  • Naval Battle Training: – sky changes in short intervals.


Campaign and Free Mode

  • Campaign: Nations swapped
  • Spain Campaign: It is not clear that Hawkins is a necessary condition
  • Spain Campaign: Game Start Task List: task is not fulfillable – sold goods are not counted.
  • Campaign: Audio: success sound to be heard even before the intro video.
  • Steam: Voice – Campaign video with incorrect voice output.


Naval Battles

  • Wrong Battlescreen dialogue.
  • Rotation of a ship cannot be broken off.
  • Save game slots from naval battles only lead to the main menu/cannot be loaded.
  • Ship info: Added 3 values in one line
  • Ship cannot be attacked
  • End of sea battle – surplus ships are not sunk.
  • Ships do not sink correctly.
  • Tactics: repair animation: “Plus” particles have a frame.
  • Kraken loops around ship.



  • Clouds appear and disappear again immediately
  • Sunshine only visible from a certain zoom level.
  • Chart/Sea Geometric shape visible on sea reflection.
  • Pause screen: Dialogue and campaign continues.
  • Sorting of the cities with the viceroy (request administration).
  • Sea battle symbol not selectable.
  • Viceroy: Order – destroying military convoys is not counted.
  • Options/Settings: Audio: Value changes by itself.
  • Fixed Freeze after slider usage.
  • Space bar to stop time does not work in dialogues.
  • Crash: game crashes when you try to load a score.
  • Convoys: “plundering” of trade convoys does not always properly work.
  • Crash after triggering a naval battle / in naval battle start dialogues.
  • Audio of the game is audible even after locking the PC.
  • Sound: Tab Sound in the maintenance dock different from other tabs.
  • Game start: Character – Player name is not taken over.
  • Game crashes due to runtime error.
  • Game crashes/ freezes in shipyard dialogue.
  • Crash: game crashes after a short time in the open game/campaign.
  • Crash after loading a savegame.
  • Startup settings: Perks of the characters.
  • Hometown can be annexed.
  • Warehouse: several bugs.
  • View ship details after building/buying.
  • No location information for search task.
  • No notification when shipbuilding is finished.
  • Sound during Trading.
  • No Fame Generated.
  • Voice – Campaign video with incorrect voice output.
  • Character selection: Selection is not saved when going back.
  • City filter/goods filter: Switching through convoys not possible.
  • Trade routes | You cannot switch through inactive convoys
  • Skill “Leadership” obsolete.
  • Town planning: Cornering bonus is not calculated correctly.
  • Sinking a treasure fleet is not possible.
  • Viceroy mission: ships boarding is not counted.
  • Viceroy mission: quantity of cotton questionable.



  • Tutorial 4 – Toggle Tabs disabled.
  • Tutorial 4 – Button legend not correctly deactivated.
  • Tutorial 3 – Button legend not correctly deactivated.
  • Tutorials: Limited interactions are not reflected in button legend.
  • Tutorial 3 – city list not selectable.
  • Button Hide legend for ammunition / tactics dynamically.
  • Crash: naval battle savegame load finished game.
  • Dialogues – Close Icons (X) not for controller.
  • Tutorial 7 – Naval battle HUD – conflict with feasible actions.
  • Remove Tutorial Marker for Tab Controls in Dialogues.
  • Tutorials – Mark Legend Entries for Tab Switches.
  • Options – Slider Sensitivity at start too slow.
  • Tutorials- highlight Change Tab.
  • Tutorial 5 – Block – Toggle Tabs disabled.
  • Tutorial 1- Insert highlight button legend.
  • Info Button – Double Assignment.
  • Manual shortcut with pad.
  • Tutorial 3 – User guidance unclear.
  • Tutorial 3 – City cannot be selected.
  • Tutorial 4 – Button in legend not deactivated.
  • Tutorial 2 – “Repair” not highlighted in button legend.
  • Tutorial 2- “Purchase” not highlighted in button legend.
  • Tutorial 2 – Add button legend highlight.
  • Tutorial 4 – Add button legend highlight.
  • Tutorial 3 – Add button legend highlight.
  • Tutorial 4 – instructions unclear.
  • Tutorial 6 – Button legend not correctly deactivated.
  • Tutorials – Wrong highlight in button legend.
  • Route mode: Double assignment X.
  • Tutorial 3 Menu cannot be opened with START.
  • Pad control: menu – no possibility to enter a player name.
  • Tutorials – Double focus.
  • GUI – Reloads on open dialogue to.
  • Tutorials – Buttons in Interface not disabled.
  • Tutorial 2 – Buttons in Interface not deactivated.
  • Trading route – Reset button in dialog superfluous.
  • Tutorial 2 – Wrong icon in text.
  • Tutorial 4 – Arrow on tab.
  • Pad control: Convoy – Tabs are not displayed.
  • Tutorial 2 – Buttons in Interface not deactivated.
  • Display of pad buttons in dialogues vs. legend.
  • Pad control: cursor in sea battles below the sea surface.
  • Tutorials: Missing button legend and highlights.
  • Tutorials: when the user opens the radial menu.
  • Action menu opens again after releasing RT.
  • Convoy details & filters: move Dpad symbol from legend to HUD.
  • Scrolling in trade window blocked.
  • Only two Savegames are displayed in the list.
  • Radial menu: button legend missing.
  • Graphics – “3D resolution” setting is not recognized after changes being made.
  • Options – cannot be saved/changed.
  • Missing button legend and highlights.
  • Crash – while loading a savegame.
  • Radial menu – open/close unintuitive.
  • Viceroy menu: Wrong button legend.
  • Access main menu after tutorial not possible.
  • Narrator text refers to keyboard and not controller assignment.
  • Trading window |Control pad/Step +/- does not work.
  • Trade Route Mode: Defaults do not update the buy and sell arrows in the city list.
  • Trade Routes: You cannot change through inactive convoys.
  • Game speed cannot be changed in dialogues.
  • Convoys & Cities Filter: Highlight not visible.


Please be aware that due to the sheer volume of reports and feedback we have received so far, we have tried our best to include and implement as many fixes as possible. However, to both showcase those changes and be as transparent as possible, we have needed to look through all reports submitted via many different bug-reporting tools. For this reason, some of the points listed above may not be as polished as we would have liked them to be.


Roadmap Update: