Port Royale 4 Beta FAQ

What will be included in the beta? Will I be able to play the full game?

The beta will feature the following content on release:

  • The full tutorial
  • The full Spanish Nation Campaign, with all 4 characters
  • Full access to Free Mode with one playable faction (Spain) and all 4 characters
  • Full English voice-over and text
  • Full German text with English voice-over (German voice-over will be added over the course of the beta)

More content will be added in due course. Stay tuned for more details!

What are the bonuses that come alongside and the differences between the Standard and Extended Editions of Port Royale 4?

Standard Edition

  • Exclusive pre-order discount
  • When pre-ordering, instant access to the exclusive Port Royale 4 Steam beta.

Extended Edition

  • Exclusive pre-order discount
  • When pre-ordering, instant access to the exclusive Port Royale 4 Steam beta.
  • Digital Soundtrack (upon release)
  • Bonus content (upon release)
    • 4 exclusive lighthouses
    • 5 blueprints for magnificent parks with various sculptures.



How can I access the beta?
Simply pre-purchase the Standard Edition or Extended Edition of Port Royale 4.

After pre-purchasing/redeeming your Steam key, you will see two items added to your Steam library:

  • Port Royale 4 (available 25th September 2020)
  • Port Royale 4 – Beta (available now)

On which platforms and operating systems will the Port Royale 4 beta be available?
The beta is currently exclusive to Steam and will only support the Windows operating system.

What are the system requirements for the Port Royale 4 beta?
Minimum system requirements*

Operating system:

  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
    • No Linux


  • Intel Core i5 2400s: quad-core with a base clock of at least 2.5 GHz
  • AMD FX 4100: quad-core with base clock of at least 3.6 GHz


  • 8GB RAM


2048MB VRAM or more with Shader Model 5.0, such as:

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
  • AMD Radeon HD7970


  • DirectX 11

Available disk space:

  • 10 GB

*Hardware tests are ongoing and may be subject to change until release and throughout the course of the beta.

Will the beta have content added up until the full game’s release?
Yes, we will be adding more content over the course of the beta. For more details, we recommend following our official channels, including the Port Royale 4 Beta Steam Community Hub.

Will there be constant updates/fixes and/or server maintenance?
Yes, we plan to update the beta frequently. As we will not be using servers that require constant upkeep, we do not foresee any downtime during the beta.
We have purposefully avoided an update schedule so far. This means we can be as flexible as possible, read feedback and implement fixes as soon as any bugs come to our attention.

For how long will the Port Royale 4 beta run?
The beta will be active up until the game’s full release on 25th September 2020.

Can I share screenshots or videos in the official Community Hub and/or via other forums/social media?
Yes, there isn’t any non-disclosure agreement or anything preventing you from streaming or sharing content from the Port Royale 4 beta. Please, feel free.

Will the beta feature controller support?
Yes, the beta will feature controller support. However, this will be updated and improved throughout the course of the beta.

What should I do if I encounter a bug?
If you find a bug, please head to the official Port Royale 4 beta Steam Community Hub to file a bug report. This will be checked frequently by the game’s developers, Gaming Minds Studios. If the need arises, you can also get in touch with our official technical support team by emailing support@kalypsomedia.com.

Will my progress from the beta carry over to the full game upon its release?
At present, no. The Port Royale 4 beta is a separate application to the main game (this will be reflected in your Steam library) and it is unlikely that any progress will be able to carry over upon the game’s full release.

Which languages will be supported in the Port Royale 4 beta?
The beta will be available with English localization – text and voice-over. The beta will also feature German localization, with German text but English voice-over.
Expect the full release to feature many more languages, some of which may be added throughout the course of the beta.