Port Royale 4 Beta Update (v. 0.1.0-11970NA)

It’s the beginning of the week and we’ve got another update for the Port Royale 4 Beta, fresh off the boat!

This update will add German voice overs and tackles a huge amount of reported bugs, including some known issues.

Thank you for supporting Port Royale 4 and reporting!

Please keep it up!

Find below a full list of all bugfixes in this update:

New Feature and improvements
  • German voice files / Voiceover are now available
  • Changes in the game’s Manual.

User Interface & Display

  • Selected convoys are not visible in the lighthouse.
  • Treasure map and Expedition: final dialogue showed wrong Icon (Glory).
  • Mission markers are hidden behind the HUD.
  • Increase in fame displayed incorrectly.
  • Selecting city icon too difficult.
  • Trade window: Product groups on/off is not saved.
  • City Orders: Mission marker shows wrong position.
  • City filter highlight on minimap is unclear.
  • Warehouse – Transfer quantity is not displayed.
  • Trade routes: “Solve allocation” instead of “Allocate”.
  • Missing and incorrect button depictions in the Highlight Towns Screen.
  • A highlighted concession can be accessed from the Pirates screen after switching the tabs.
  • Missing button depiction for ‘Towns’, ‘Town Settings’ and ‘Route’ windows of Trade Routes.
  • ‘Fame Point Gained’ notification fails to display after gaining 50 points to gain a fame point.
  • Click on city/convoy over map too inaccurate.


  • Sammy is not displayed.
  • Player can use all available funds for construction.
  • Instruction potentially unclear to user.
  • Tutorial 6 – Progress is blocked by not having enough money.
  • Mouse click for NEXT button in tutorial does not work.
  • Tutorial sea Battle – shows false result “Defeat”.

Campaign &Free Mode

  • Mission does not fail in combat.
  • Treasure map & Expedtion: Reservoirs do not show expedition.
  • Missions disappears before time runs out.
  • Spain Campaign indicated wrong task order.
  • Sailors disappear.
  • Sailors cost too cheap.
  • Number of sailors on slider is missing.
  • Convoy can no longer be moved .
  • Spain Campaign: end of game is triggered by starting tasks.
  • Spain Campaign: Task Update 5 have wrong time limit.
  • Spain Campaign: Task update 5&6 require adjusted year data.
  • Spain Campaign: Task Update 6 includes Skippable tasks.
  • Spain Campaign: Tasks failed automatically.
  • Spain Campaign: Task: False Satisfaction shown.
  • Spain Campaign: task “KS_A03” already fulfilled as soon as the user has bought 500 goods.
  • Spain campaign: task “KS_S55” John Hawkins.
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins -Attack not possible/no war with England.
  • Spain Campaign: task “AU 6” &”SP06“ are shown as completed too early.
  • Spain Campaign: start settings contains wrong city distribution.
  • Spain Campaign: Task Update 6: “Task KS_A02” is incorrect.
  • Spain campaign: Task update 6 “task KS_A04” is incorrect.
  • Spain Campaign: Intro Video has an encoding glitch at the beginning.
  • Spain Campaign: player mistakenly receives fame points as a reward .
  • Spain Campaign: Glory Point Rewards are not displayed.
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins “KS_S55” text Missing viceroy message
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins “KS_S57” text is not triggered
  • Spain Campaign: Game Start Task List “KS_A02” not fulfillable/ sold goods are not accounted for
  • Spain campaign: Despite correct start settings war is still possible
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins “KS_S58” – war galleon is missing
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins “KS_S56” is not triggered after destroying Convoy 1
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins “KS_S58” is triggered too early
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins “KS_S56” is triggered despite defeat
  • Person to be assisted outside the navigable area
  • Construction Mode: hexfields outside the buildable area can be selected
  • Construction Mode: Inn does not look like a tavern
  • Constructing the large shipyard in Seville does not need to be done
  • Free Play: Optional game objectives – Fame points for reward are missing
  • Free play: Task SP07 is not accounted for
  • Viceroy tasks: AI builds living space too slowly
  • Free play: game goal difficulty (YEAR) is calculated incorrectly
  • Function “Priority for sailor distribution” cannot be used
  • Port “Maracaibo” does not accept coffee
  • Large shipyard: corvette and frigate cannot be constructed everywhere
  • Shipyard: ships in the purchase menu are no longer sorted correctly
  • Shipbuilding: ships which are docked”in port” are not accounted for

Naval Battles

  • Naval battles marking inappropriate
  • wrong marking at boarding
  • Ship info layout broken + additional info
  • Final dialogue: Texts missing / label moved
  • Result: Icons and texts slipped
  • Sea battles & boarding: Movement not possible
  • display of vessels / parties is not consistent
  • Ship battle display draw or defeat


  • Clouds appear and disappear again immediately.
  • Weather – Fog has a visible cross in camera focus.
  • Cities under siege can be plundered infinitely.
  • Warning symbol for hidden city.
  • Free Play: Game Settings allow wrong nation: England in instead of Spain despite restriction
  • Cloudsaves: Message when reaching the savegame limit.
  • Ship training – no goods plundered although not sunk
  • Player’s company tactics black circles
  • Waterfall near Port au Prince


  • Naval Battle: Missing possibility to turn ship manually
  • Convoy – Tabs are not displayed
  • Convoy Details – Ship TAB has faulty function on D-Pad UP
  • Convoy – Tabs are not displayed
  • Menu cannot be opened in dialogs
  • Trading route indicates incomplete button legend
  • No controller Cursor in Naval Battle
  • Controller focus remains in the background after triggering the sorting list in Convoys and Towns.
  • Convoy is focused after pressing the ‘X’ button in the Vessels and On Tour tabs of the Convoys and Towns screen.
  • Missing ‘Left’ analog stick button icon in ‘Viceroy> Fame> Town Administration’


*Update: 12th May 2020

Port Royale 4 Beta Hotfix (v.0.1.0-12089 NA) has been released!

Hear ye, Explorers, Buccaneers, Captains and Landlubbers!
We’ve got another small hotfix for the Port Royale 4 Beta, fresh off the boat! ːpirateː

This hotfix is focused on following bugfixes:

  • Naval Battles: Fixed issue, which led to vessel inflicting more damage than they are are supposed to.
  • Campaign and Free Mode: Fixed issue occurring with treasure fleets, which prevented the delivery of new settlers.