Port Royale 4 Beta Update (v.0.1.0-12515NA)


Hear ye!
We’ve got another update for the Port Royale 4 Beta, fresh off the boat!
This update will feature once again a lot of bugfixes, that could be tackled with help of your feedback!

Thank you for supporting Port Royale 4 and reporting!
Please keep it up!

Find below a full list of all bugfixes in this update:

New Features & Improvements
  • Proper illustration of Tropical storms.

User Interface & Display

  • Besieged city: missing dialog box.
  • Campaign: Situation control – Dialogs do not continue when reloading.
  • Automatic Trade Routes: Convoy HUD – Route is not correctly displayed as active.
  • Cutted text under ‘Tips&Tricks – Pirates’
  • Cutted text under Tips&Tricks – Tactics’
  • Cannot open cities via LMB.
  • Pause screen: Game is not resumed immediately.
  • Pause screen: Dialogue and campaign continues.
  • Company / Balance sheet: Active trade routes are not displayed.
  • Settings/Option: UI audio not adjustable.
  • Convoy: Repair – Missing User Message.
  • Convoy: War – No letter of marque, missing User Message.
  • Displayed repair time not shown correctly.
  • Odd price in view warehouse – ship is being displayed.
  • Trade with city: Convoy: Fill level in trade window is not displayed correctly.
  • Sailors / settlers embarkation – Slider behaves differently.


  • Arrow is turned incorrectly.
  • Button is not locked.
  • Arrows moved.

Campaign &Free Mode

  • Some tasks are triggered too early.
  • Free mode: Final rating at the end of the game is missing.
  • Free mode: Green bars different in the trade window.
  • Spain Campaign: Last task block is not fulfilled.
  • Spain Campaign: John Hawkins – Missing mission marker and sound.
  • Spain Campaign: Generic Viceroy orders triggered too early.
  • Campaign: Situation control – Task updates are triggered too early.
  • Campaign: Situation control – Viceroy dialogues repeat / events are triggered twice.

Naval Battles

  • Captain: Info layout not shown correctly.
  • Ships with 0 HP do not sink.
  • Endscreen: Icon is displayed via dialogue.
  • Manual sea battle: New value “Battle-level”.
  • Military convoys are not sunk after victory.


  • Building construction: AI uses toolmaker incorrectly.
  • Fixed Crash, while editing a route.
  • Convoy no longer follows route.
  • Trading route: Average price is incorrect.
  • Edit trade routes: Moving cities is broken.
  • Large warehouse: Capacity too small.
  • Viceroy’s order: Delivering Bakery products not properly intended.
  • Atmospheric sound cannot be regulated.
  • Siege: City besieged several times.
  • Options/Settings: minor changes to audio settings are not saved.
  • Options/Settings: Audio – Value changes by itself.
  • Sea battle sound is triggered too often.
  • Automatic trade routes: convoys become inactive after lost sea battle.
  • When clicking ‘Hand over commodities’ to host the feast in the Church does not properly work.
  • Cannot attack convoy near Gibraltar.
  • Sorting city selection.


  • Tutorial – Marker positions are moved.
  • Tutorial – Block at game start.
  • Dialogs – Close Icons (X) not for consoles available.
  • Tutorial 08 – Arrow is displayed.
  • Game Tips – are opened behind Game Menu Dialog.
  • Tutorial 07 – Arrows are displayed in the wrong place.
  • Tutorial 06 – Marker positions faulty / double.
  • Naval Battle: selection of tactics not in button legend.
  • Tutorial 02 – Lighthouse legend confusing.
  • Tutorials: Limited interactions are not reflected in button legend.
  • Tutorials: “Next” button blurs with the background.
  • Buttons are displayed in sea battle.
  • Game Tips – Left column does not scroll down.
  • Odd screen between intro and main menu.
  • Sailors cannot be transferred from town to ship.
  • D-Pad button illustration is missing in the UI during Naval Battles.