Port Royale 4 Beta Update (v 0.1.0-14393) has been released!

Hear ye, explorers!

Today sees the release of update v0.1.0-14393 to the Port Royale 4 beta. This update adds improvements, balancing changes, optimization, and lots of bug fixes, all of which could not have been addressed and tackled without your feedback. So please keep it coming!

See the full changelog below:


Improvements and additions
  • Added ability for the Jolly Roger to be lowered at any time
  • During naval battles, players now receive a notification when it is their turn
  • Added option to select Captain’s portrait
  • Increased discoverability of new cities
  • Reduced the cost of trade and construction licenses
  • Prayer sounds in Churches can now be played multiple times
  • Demolishing buildings no longer refunds all initial costs


Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where player’s flag would change after plundering a convoy
  • Overhauled naval battles and improved AI (reduced spamming of smoke each round, added missing minimap symbol)
  • Fixed CTD when reaching a draw in a naval battle
  • Fixed button legend (e.g. arrows pointing in the wrong direction)
  • Tweaked task list (e.g. economic tasks were previously classified as ‘Military’ tasks)
  • Fixed instances in Free Mode where missions would immediately auto-complete
  • Fixed instances where the event window would temporarily not show any information
  • Overhauled ship sequence in the Lighthouse
  • Adjusted task list in English Campaign
  • Fixed waterfalls (particles were displaying incorrectly)
  • Fixed instances where players could besiege cities without the required amount of Command points
  • Optimized the display of various items and vegetation (e.g. sea spray occasionally a grey-colour, decreased size of anvil icon)
  • Added missing map marker when digging out a Pirate’s hideout
  • Adjusted audio settings so that changes always save
  • Optimized mouse scrolling
  • Fixed abrupt ending to ‘boarding’ audio clip
  • Optimized Warehouses (added additional description text)
  • Optimized button ribbons in the Settings menu
  • Removed redundant notifications (e.g. new tasks appearing at the end of a campaign, ‘attack not possible’)
  • Adjusted naval battle HUD (tactics now display on top)
  • Fixed naval battle game speed option so that changes always save
  • Overhauled trade routes so that distribution convoys work as planned and available convoys are no longer hidden on the minimap and will update while the game is paused, and convoys now distribute all goods
  • Reworked filling level indicator (previously, amount of goods delivered deviated from amount of original cargo)
  • Overhauled Cathedral missions (placeholder graphic removed, fixed incorrect line spacing, ensured goods can no longer be selected twice)
  • Fixed incorrect display of specific lines of dialogue and info text (Viceroy speech bubbles, boarding manoeuvre, sorting order)
  • Added missing icon for Gold
  • Added display for number of workers in Construction menu
  • Fixed instances where multiple notifications would block each other
  • Tweaked Patrol Mode so that toggling now requires a Captain
  • Fixed instances during naval battles where an empty dialogue box would display
  • Adjusted objectives in Logbook
  • Optimized flag selection procedure
  • Reduced amount of optional town missions
  • Reduced visibility radius for ship-wrecked persons
  • Fixed instances where convoys could not approach cities
  • Fixed instances where, during naval battles, players could move with more manoeuvring points than were initially available
  • Overhauled mission scripts and triggers (previously, construction of the Cathedral was not recognized; removed duplicate missions)
  • Fixed partially incorrect effects related to Captains
  • Adjusted number of missions available during Free Play (task lists were previously insufficient when choosing military objectives)
  • Optimized advisor notification (added clear indication as to what the problem is)
  • Fixed HUD error when cycling through convoys
  • Overhauled Pirate hiding places (previously much more difficult to discover)


  • Fixed issue with Trading window (+/- step)
  • Fixed incorrect button legend display for gamepad (Cathedral missions)