Port Royale 4 beta update (v0.1.0-131519) has been released!

Hear ye, explorers!
Today sees the release of a new update for the Port Royale 4 beta. This update adds improvements, additions, balancing changes, optimization, and lots of bug fixes, all of which could not have been addressed and tackled without your feedback.

Thank you for supporting Port Royale 4 and reporting!
Please keep it up!

Full changelog below:

  • Tutorial dialogue can now be skipped
  • Steam Achievements have been tweaked
  • Clearer instructions regarding where to acquire Queen Anne vessel after completing all 10 tutorial missions
  • Added icon to convoy names
  • Added placeholder thumbnail for save states
  • Added marker on solid cannon ball shots during tutorial
  • Added additional tool tips for naval battles
  • Balanced Buy vs. Order prices at the shipyard
  • Balanced mission objectives (‘unrealistic amount of goods to be delivered’).
  • Balanced character perks
  • Vessel and captain tactics ribbon now has clear visual cues for what is selected
  • Adjusted drag and drop delay on pins when adjusting trade routes
  • Tweaked ship rotation during naval battles
  • Optimized keyboard/gamepad input legends
  • Optimized Free Play start settings and adjusted alignment of certain game options
Bug fixes
  • Fixed hot keys that were having issues previously
  • Fixed Fullscreen Mode in Graphics Settings
  • Viceroy mission now shows location
  • Fixed missing convoys when anchor point was missing
  • Fixed issues where building and trade menu would not open
  • Fixed missing UI, mission and spoken dialogue text
  • Fixed graphical glitches occurring in the water and on the hexagon grid
  • Fixed wind movement animation and direction on the trade route map
  • Fixed convoy menu so that sailor numbers no longer show in adjacent menu
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of “current profit per day”.
  • Fixed incorrect siege tool tips
  • Fixed issue where language configuration would not save
  • Fixed tutorial marker which highlighted the incorrect tab
  • Fixed an issue where ships could not be repaired
  • Fixed naval battle tutorial, which could be completed by surrendering
  • Fixed missing game music during English and Spanish campaign videos
  • Fixed incorrect nation size and distribution order
  • Fixed redundant task during Spanish campaign
  • Fixed victory conditions for English campaign mission ‘Conquer All Cuba’
  • Fixed abrupt ending to English campaign
  • Fixed graphical glitches during naval battles ‘Imprint of Sunken Vessel’
  • Fixed bug which prevented certain tactics from being used
  • Fixed missing naval battle sound effects (‘grenade sound’, ‘Kraken’)
  • Fixed missing animation for ‘Fire Arrows’ tactic
  • Fixed and optimized automatic trade route ‘Distribute convoys works as intended’
  • Fixed incorrect sound effects in construction menu
  • Fixed and added asymmetry to ‘fish swarm’ animations
  • Fixed missing contribution to ‘Fame’ points
  • Fixed issue where AI military convoys would ignore player while successfully attacking a trade convoy
  • Fixed issue where a stranded person would disappear
  • Fixed ‘Convoy & Cities’ filter
  • Fixed route planning
  • Added ‘Tool tips and Hints’ tab to main menu
  • Optimized button legend
  • Fixed highlighting issue in button legend
  • Removed duplicate button offering the same functionality (‘Continue’ key)
  • Fixed missing animation for ‘Hold’
  • Fixed ‘Trade Window’ tab (‘+ / -‘ now works properly for sailors)