Port Royale 4 – Hotfix 1.2.1 has been released!

Hello everybody! 

Port Royale 4 has just received hotfix 1.2.1. As a reaction to your feedback on the balancing of the freshly implemented fame loss (Update 1.2) as a result of unhappy citizens, we added 2 tweaks for this. Additionally, based on your feedback about the pause mode after loading a save game, you now can end the pause mode with the space bar.  

Thank you for your support and feedback and were looking forward to hearing what you think about the changes. Enjoy your trading journey in Port Royale 4! 


The Port Royale 4 Team 


Changes in 1.2.1:

Governing a town  

  • The point, when youre starting to lose fame got decreased from 50% commodity supply to 20% supply.  
  • Existing save games from older version will start after loading with 90% commodity supply instead of 0%. Now the fame loss wont start right after loading. Over time it will define the real commodity supply value. The fame loss will only start if it is under 20% for a while (when playing with an older save game). 

Loading a save game  pause mode 

  • You can end the pause mode after loading a save game with pressing the space bar instead of changing the time options in the UI.