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23. October 2020

Port Royale 4 Update (v1.2) has been released!

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Hello everybody! 

Update 1.2 for Port Royale 4 is now available for Steam and Epic, versions for PS4 and Xbox One will follow. It includes several improvements regarding trade, the trade route editor and city governance, which we introduced to you in the most recent Captain’s Log and have all been developed thanks to your feedback since release. 

Naturally, the update also contains many other changes, improvements and bug fixes – a detailed list can be found below. 

We would like to thank you for your support and helpful feedback during the last few weeks and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the update.   

The Port Royale 4 Team 

Major improvements 

  • Governing towns 
    • The residents of those towns governed by the player will become disgruntled if the player does not supply them with a sufficient amount of commodities. The player will then continuously lose some fame until the issue is remedied (a hint will be shown in the town overview if this happens)  
  • Trade route improvements 
    • Added ‘Unload all’ option to each town (if a warehouse exists) 
    • Added ‘Repair’ option to each town to allow the player to choose the location where their convoy is repaired 
    • The option to repair a convoy is only now applicable when a convoy’s hit points are below 95% and a town with the ‘repair’ option is reached 
    • When editing towns, the name of the trade route is now displayed 
    • Added special trade route option during war: if playing as the Merchant, enemy towns can now be automatically skipped when toggling an option in the trade route menu 
  • Trading improvements 
    • Added optional, condensed trade window 
    • Added default hot keys (A and D) for cycling between different filling levels   during trading 
    • Added default hot keys (W and S) for toggling between ‘buy/sell all’ options  
  • Display of towns and alternate ALT-view 
    • Added default state of individual icons signifying special events in towns (plague, for example) to the map 
    • Changed ‘ALT’ key to now toggle between map modes instead of having to hold the button to see the wind map 
    • Alternate view via ‘ALT’ now marks the commodities which are needed the most for each town with a red background 

Further improvements 

  • Preview of ships in a convoy 
    • Implemented preview of vessels belonging to an AI convoy (also shows the current speed of convoy)  
  • Mini map improvements 
    • Mini map now has set colours for each nation as default. The previously implemented map mode showing each nation’s diplomatic stance in relation to the player is still available as secondary display mode. 
    • Mini map now displays the location of mission objectives 
  • Improved ship speed mechanic 
    • Convoy window now shows current speed of ship and additional analysis  
    • Badly damaged vessels will now be slower to move 
  • Rebalanced Piratess character 
    • Replaced the ‘not getting attacked by pirates’ bonus with a 50% reduction on the upkeep needed for sailors 
  • Show total value of loaded goods 
    • Total estimated value of loaded goods can now be viewed via the convoy’s ‘commodities’ tab  
  • Enhance game speed settings 
    • Implemented 5x speed  
    • Added tool tip to multiplier option within the Time Settings dialog  
  • Save game Improvements 
    • Added additional details to saved game slots (e.g. time spent in-game, time spent in current campaign [if applicable], player net worth and number of vessels owned by player). 

Minor improvements 

  • Jolly Roger is no longer hoisted following a defeat in naval combat 
  • Improved hex field colours in construction mode depending on the terrain of cities 
  • Placement of docked vessels (in lighthouse) in harbour have been adjusted for better aesthetics 
  • Added decorative long-boats to harbours to depict a more lively scenery 
  • Switching captains is only now available when player is docked at a harbour  
  • Added new ‘Mostly armed’ option for armed trading convoys so that even pirates can stumble onto unguarded trading convoys from time to time  
  • Added a new hot key to switch between town overview and warehouse (default key is set to ‘Y’ for the English layout and ´Z´ for the German layout)  
  • Added ‘Highlight towns’ option to show towns with unassigned vessels in the lighthouse  
  • Added tool tips for the various difficulty settings  
  • Added voice line for advisor to indicate if there are new or potential issues the player might want to address in the ‘Convoy and towns’ -> ‘Advisor’ tab 
  • Added hint marker to show which goods can be found when collecting free goods on the beach 
  • Added gear icon to all produced goods in a warehouse; made first checkbox in the ‘commodities’ tab inaccessible to the player if they don’t produce the goods themselves 
  • Rephrased the ‘Production of commodities restricted’ hint  
  • Added indicator to show required construction time for all buildings in ‘Construction’ menu  
  • Added ‘required construction time’ tool tip when necessary resources are missing  
  • Redesigned orange destination buoys 
  • Added default state: paused, 0x game speed, when loading a saved game  
  • Rearranged display order of items within ‘Convoy & town lists’ tab. New order now is ‘convoys’, ‘on tour’, ‘advisor’, vessels’ and ‘towns’ 
  • After closing and reopening a list, ‘Convoy & town’ lists are no longer reset 

New hot keys and functionality: 

  • Cycling between Warehouse filling levels during trading and toggling the ‘buy/sell all’ options is now done using the WASD by default 
  • ‘ALT’ key now toggles between map modes and no longer has to be held to see wind map  
  • Added default hot key ‘Y’ to switch between town overview and warehouse (default key is set to ‘Y’ for the English layout and ´Z´ for the German layout) 
  • Added default hot key combination ‘CTRL + TAB’ for manually anchored, player-controlled ships 
  • Added default hot key ‘Enter’ to jump to latest bell chime 

Halloween Event (active from the 24.10. until the 7.11.) 

Halloween Update can be enabled or disabled in the graphics tab of the menu. Changes to this option will send you back to the main menu, please make sure to save your game.  

  • Halloween Update | 3D view customizations 
  • Additional option for lighting settings: “Seasonal”. 
  • Halloween Update | Main menu adjustments 
  • Halloween Update | Loading screen adjustments 

Bug fixes and optimization 

  • Fixed: ‘task failed’ notification no longer pops-up even when there is time remaining to complete a task 
  • Fixed: AI convoys are now all armed  
  • Fixed: costs for ships at Shipyard Fixed: Warehouse is now the first building  
  • Optimized: price curves – ascents have been flattened  
  • Fixed: game now saves after Spanish campaign is completed, even if player doesn’t confirm ‘Congratulations’ message  
  • Fixed: debug text no longer displays alongside reward points when delivering the required commodities to the ‘Belize City’ town.  
  • Fixed: abrupt roll animation in birds along the longitudinal axis 
  • Fixed: going into debt when making purchases 
  • Fixed: camera rotation when in menus  
  • Fixed: increased default tutorial game speed (was previously 0.0x) 
  • Fixed: display of incorrect production gears in construction mode  
  • Fixed: incorrect bell chimes even if automatic trade route is selected and port is approaching  
  • Fixed: turtle animations  
  • Fixed: Spanish ships staying in New Orleans harbour due to waiting position of lighthouse 
  • Fixed: moving on the map moves cities within Trade menu 
  • Fixed: activating the trade route lets the convoy drop off during the break  
  • Fixed: missing functionality for wind map when playing with controller 
  • Fixed: incorrect position for Tutorial 04 arrow 
  • Optimized: synchronisation for cloud and local score  
  • Fixed: default loading option of 199 barrels in Trade menu 
  • Fixed: Tutorial 04 – game progress is blocked if player opened hints menu during this tutorial 
  • Fixed: some tasks are not checked for current state  
  • Fixed: Tutorial 04 – for visualization, building permit in Necoli is required 
  • Fixed: Tutorial 04 – increased production slots  
  • Fixed: game crashed when accessing city view  
  • Fixed: two bars are always increased in trade dialogue 
  • Fixed: Pirate icon in Viceroy tab 
  • Fixed: Spanish campaign is considered completed, even if player fails  
  • Fixed: faulty UI, in which Captain skills would display incorrectly 
  • Fixed: estimated travel time 
  • Fixed: trade license required for interaction with Shipyard 
  • Fixed: UI glitch – Italian text exceeds box containing letter of Marque option in Viceroy menu  
  • Fixed: sailors in convoy are not prioritized in the first row 
  • Fixed: toggled bug reporter  
  • Fixed: during the French campaign, game would sometimes crash when player zooms in on a town (provided language is set to French) 
  • Fixed: UI glitch – French text ‘Create a new route’ exceeds text box in the Trade Route menu  
  • Fixed: emergency repair in loop  
  • Fixed: show scarce goods with ‘ALT’ key  
  • Fixed: bug when transforming Small Church to Church  
  • Fixed: trade route will hoard certain commodities  
  • Fixed: naval battles – certain control options not possible when mousing over a ship  
  • Fixed: Warehouse unload bug 
  • Fixed: faulty display of tool tips 
  • Fixed: number of businesses displayed in Production tab 
  • Fixed: increased scroll speed with mouse wheel in Manual and Trade tabs 
  • Fixed: city filter inconsistency on mini map 
  • Fixed: faulty localisation for ‘Dismiss warehouse admin’ option  
  • Fixed: faulty visibility radius  
  • Fixed: missing game tips 
  • Fixed: UI glitch – debug text displays in ‘Attacks on towns’ section under the ‘Conflicts’ category in the ‘Tips & Tricks’ menu 
  • Fixed: frozen vessel during naval battles 
  • Fixed: player’s convoy can attack pirate hideouts and the corresponding pirate convoy from a far distance (for instance a convoy from New Orleans is able engage a convoy in Port of Spain). 
  • Fixed: Scroll bar in the advisor tab is broken