Pre-order Shadows: Awakening for exclusive beta access! The Heretic Kingdoms await…

If you’ve been following the development of Shadows: Awakening, then we’ve got some good news for you: It’s time to step into the darkness! Pre-orders for our soul-devouring, realm-swapping RPG have now started on Steam – and include instant access to the closed beta. As well as offering you the chance to take control of the Devourer ahead of the game’s full release in late summer 2018, you can also score yourself a 15% discount, a digital artbook featuring a range of stunning illustrations and concept art, a digital soundtrack and the Legendary Armoury pack, which will unlock access to the following weapons and armours when the game releases later this year:

Thor’s Staff (Gridarvolr)
Axe of Giant Surt (Lavateinn)
Bow of Odin (Ichaival)

Odin’s Robe
Armor of Beowulf
Fafnir’s Hide

To celebrate the launch of the beta, we’ve also released a brand-new featurette offering new insights and background to the story and setting of the game, character progression and the unique party system – with interviews from Peter Nagy (Creative Director), Ján Turán (Programming Lead) and Peter Horňák (Game Design and Scripting Lead) from developers Games Farm in Slovakia.

Shadows: Awakening is scheduled for a late summer 2018 release on Windows PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The Windows beta is available now for all Steam pre-order customers and will run all the way to release. Check out the game page on Steam and the community forum for more information.