[PS4/XB1] Tropico 6 “La Calabaza” Hotfix for consoles has been released!

T6_Steam_Header-Image_1920x622Fellow Tropicans!
A new hotfix for Tropico 6 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (v.1.062) is available now!

Please find further information below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Tropicans got stuck at the dock in save game (bug was responsible for possible freezes/stuttering).
  • Fixed: Random Client Crash, while initializing multiplayer game with active Halloween event.
  • Fixed: Stuck soldier on palace entrance.
  • Fixed: Stuck Tropicans at dock walking on spot.
  • Fixed: Local overlay values are missing for all the tabs under Overlays.

Viva Tropico! Viva El Presidente!