Quick-Fix (v1.09) for Commandos 2 – HD Remaster released


Once again, thank you for your feedback so far.

We’ve been hard at work improving the game and we’re delighted to announce another quick-fix, launching today. This focuses on one major issue reported by users: ‘infinite loading time after saving’.

Check out the list below for more details.


  • Flamethrower no longer goes through walls (it bounces).
  • Saved game issues reported by some users have been fixed – please note,
    some saved games MIGHT still be corrupted but new saves will no longer have this issue
  • Enemy view-cones will now correctly display over water


  • Footprints! When a commando walks on snow or sand, footprints are now clearly visible for a short time.


Thank you again for your ongoing support and please do feel free to continue sending through your feedback.

Yippee Entertainment & Kalypso Media