Railway Empire: Another Update for v.1.13 has been released!


Today sees the release of another new update for version 1.13 on all platforms.
In this update, we’ve taken the community’s vital feedback to help tackle the below points, putting particular focus on stamping out those frequently reported crashes.

Bugfixes & Improvements

All platforms:

  • Fixed various random crashes.
  • Fixed scoreboard for challenge map ‘Thunder across the prairie’.
  • Down Under DLC: reduced number of citizens required to found new settlements in late game.


PC only:
Steam ingame build-version:

  • Fixed various bugs in scenario editor.


Console only:
XBox One ingame build-version:
Sony PlayStation4 ingame build-version:

  • Adjusted requirements for achievement ‘Tunnel-web Spider’:
    • Reduced requirements for triggering this achievement.
    • Updated description to reflect this change.