Railway Empire in Numbers

Had enough of text? Then let’s talk numbers today! This is Railway Empire in 683 digits:

300 inventions are waiting to be explored, from iconic locomotives to business strategies and improvements such as upholstery, refrigerated trucks and on-board toilets.

160 challenges in the “Campaign” and “Scenario” modes will cause even the most cunning tycoons to break out in a sweat!

100 cities from 7 regions of the USA can be added to your route network, along with hundreds of farms.

50 hours of gameplay in Scenario and Campaign modes, as well as unlimited fun in Free Play mode.

41 historic locomotives and 30 wagons can be unleashed upon your rail network.

17 different types of job to be filled by staff of your choosing, to make your company even more profitable – including train drivers, office workers and even bandits!

5 different eras each span 20 years of the American Industrial Revolution between 1830 and 1930.

4 different game modes introduce you to new challenges. In Free Play you face challenging challenges as you experience the history of the Industrial Revolution. In Model mode, you have control over all aspects of the game, allowing you to freely construct your own train paradise!

2 game complexity levels – “Simple” for beginners and “Realistic” for advanced players, where you have to create switches and signals to avoid conflicts on your tracks.

1 of a kind on consoles! Railway Empire is the first and only railway tycoon game on the current generation of consoles.

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