Railway Empire: On The Right Track

Railway Empire is fast approaching – in 2018, players will step into the shoes of an aspiring railroad magnate in the era of the American industrial revolution. To create the best possible experience for all players, the development team at Gaming Minds Studios is currently collecting feedback from the pre-order beta on PC all the way to launch day on January 26, 2018.


So, what’s changed so far? Well, one of the biggest changes that resulted from feedback from the beta community was the introduction of an optional, two-stage pause function. This new feature will be available for both the PC and console versions at release, and offers players extra strategic options in three possible configurations.  In “Normal Mode”, Railway Empire automatically pauses in certain situations, while in “Manual Mode”, the game can be paused at any time, allowing players to take advantage of stopping the action to put more complex strategies in place without losing a second of in-game time. For purists, Gaming Minds also added a third option: “Trainiac Mode” offers a true challenge by abandoning the pause function completely, forcing players to work in real-time, but offering a bonus to your final score when you reach the end of the scenario.

The beta has seen a truckload of other enhancements added to the game, such as a re-designed tutorial, re-designed on-screen elements (including menus, HUDs and other on-screen info) and the introduction of quarterly reports, as well as other mechanical and graphical optimizations. Many of these changes were a direct result of community feedback, which was all then worked back into the experience by the talented developers at Gaming Minds Studios.

The devil really is in the detail – for example, all 41 locomotives in the game now have individual sound sets, players can choose between imperial and metric measurement systems, and significant adjustments have been made to locomotive handling – which all goes to show the hard work and dedication that Gaming Minds Studios has put into the development of Railway Empire.

Naturally, Railway Empire shines on PC in native 4k resolution. But that doesn’t mean that console players have been swept under the rug: we can confirm that Railway Empire will be optimized for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X and will bring all the excitement of running your own fledgling transport company in glorious 4k resolution. And that’s not all – the entire user interface and controls have also been optimized for console gamers, with the menu wheel making it easy to build complex routes and manage the various functions of your railway company. PC and console players alike are going to feel right at home in America’s industrial revolution – whether using a mouse and keyboard on a monitor or a controller playing in front of your TV.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for the PS4 version of Railway Empire, and head on over to the PlayStation Store to pre-order your copy (PC version available on Steam, Xbox pre-order available soon):

console trailer