Seattle Welcomes Kalypso @ PAX West 2016

We’re back from our fist PAX West and boy was it awesome! The Kalypso team gathered from all across the US and Europe to head to Seattle and show off Vikings – Wolves of Midgard, Sudden Strike 4 and Urban Empire to the public for the first time in the USA.

PAX West 20016 - Day 1

We managed to sneak in some sightseeing before the show started. So we went straight to the famous Pike Place Market. Before we knew it we were setting up the booth. It took hours for all of it to come together but we pulled through and it paid off!

Booth Setup Kalypso BoothWhat do you think of the final product?


The next day PAX began! The next day PAX began! We didn’t know what to expect. It was our first PAX West after all.

It was crazy! There were so many people coming up and playing our games! The 4 days of PAX flew by. We had a great time getting to meet everyone who stopped by and introducing Vikings – Wolves of Midgard, Urban Empire and Sudden Strike 4 to the PAX audience. And what did they think?

People thought Urban Empire was a great mix of city building and political strategy. Once folks got into the political aspect of Urban Empire there was no pulling them away. One person enjoyed it so much they played every single day! Another said “I want to be at home playing this in front of my computer until the sun comes up!” Awesome!


Here’s our US PR Manager, Alex, showing off Urban Empire.

Here’s our US PR Manager, Alex, showing off Urban Empire.

Vikings- Wolves of Midgard had people loving everything Nordic and they enjoyed the great pick up and play feel to the game. Being able to choose between Vikings or shieldmaiden was a huge hit and many players said Vikings “reminded them of Diablo.” That’s some high praise for sure!

Sudden Strike 4 struck a chord with military RTS fans and you could see fascination among RTS and classic PC gamers when trying their skills in The Battle of Stalingrad level. Many ex-military gamers loved the attention to detail and authenticity of Sudden Strike 4 and said they are eager to dive back in come 2017!

We were overwhelmed by the support. PAX was fantastic. Thanks for dropping by – we had an awesome time and can’t wait to show you more of these exciting games as we prep for launch in 2017!

Lindsay & Alex, Kalypso USA

You can already pre-purchase our upcoming PC titles on STEAM:

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard on STEAM (Release: Early 2017)
Urban Empire on STEAM (Release: Jan 20th 2017)
Sudden Strike 4 on STEAM (Release: Spring 2017)