Spacebase Startopia Beta FAQ

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What content will be included in the beta?
The beta will feature the following content on its release:

  • Three tutorial maps
    • First steps to being a Spacebase Commander
  • First three singleplayer campaign missions
  • Sandbox mode
    • With research up to Tech Level 3 and 15 available rooms
  • 50% of the original soundtrack will be available
    • Completely safe for any kind of streaming.
  • In-game text + VAL voice-over in English and German

More content will be added in due course. Stay tuned for further details!

What are the bonuses of and differences between the Standard and Extended Editions of Spacebase Startopia?
Standard Edition:

  • Exclusive pre-order discount
  • When pre-ordering, instant access to the closed Steam beta.

Extended Edition:

  • Exclusive pre-order discount
  • When pre-ordering, instant access to the closed Steam beta.
  • Digital copy of original game soundtrack
  • A decorative statue for each of the 8 different alien races
  • Crazy skins for your Fuzzy droids and Recycler
  • Dungeon Lord Helmet as an exclusive reward for alien visitors from your lootbox lottery


How can I access the beta?
Simply pre-purchase the Spacebase Startopia Standard Edition or the Spacebase Startopia Extended Edition via the Kalypso Store.
After purchasing and redeeming your Steam key, the following two items will be added to your Steam library:

  • Spacebase Startopia (open for business 23rd October 2020)
  • Spacebase Startopia – beta (your first steps to becoming a fully-fledged spacebase commander)

On which platforms and operating systems will the Spacebase Startopia Beta be available?
The beta is currently exclusive to Steam and will only support Windows operating systems.

What are the system requirements for the Spacebase Startopia beta?
Minimum system requirements*:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Intel Quad Core i5 with at least 2.9 GHz or equivalent
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 960 or equivalent with at least 2GB dedicated memory
  • RAM: 16 GB

*Please be aware that hardware tests are still ongoing, and these requirements might change over the course of the beta and up until the full release of the game.

Will the beta be extended with additional content up until release?
Yes, we will be adding more content to the beta throughout its duration. For more information, we recommend frequenting our official channels and the Spacebase Startopia Steam Beta Community Hub:

Will there be updates/fixes and/or server maintenances throughout the course of the beta?
We plan to update the beta frequently and do not foresee any server downtime.
To be as flexible as possible and adapt to ongoing feedback and bug reports, we have avoided a set schedule for updates to the beta.

How long will the Spacebase Startopia beta run?
The beta will be active from 29th May until the full release of the game in 23rd October 2020.

I want to share screenshots or videos from the beta, can I do this?
Yes! There is no NDA or restrictions on which content can be shared, so feel free to share anything and everything.

What should I do if I encounter a bug?
Please report all bugs by pressing ‘F11’ when you are in game. Additionally, you can head to the exclusive Spacebase Startopia Steam Beta Community Hub and log your report via the bug report section. This will be regularly checked by Realmforge Studios, the developers of Spacebase Startopia.

If you need to contact our support team directly, you’re welcome to send us an email:

Will beta progress transfer to the full game upon its release?
At this stage, no. As the Spacebase Startopia beta is a separate project to the main game and listed as two separate applications in your Steam library, it is unlikely that progress will carry over upon release of the full game.

Which languages will be supported by the Spacebase Startopia beta?
At launch, the beta will be available with both English and German subtitles and voice-over. Upon release, many more languages will be added.

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