Spacebase Startopia Beta – Update ‘Nightlife’ (v0.15) has been released!

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Thank you for supporting Spacebase Startopia thus far.

We are thrilled with the amount of feedback we have received from the beta and we will be doing everything we can to read and process each query as quickly as possible!
As for the update: VAL is pleased to announce that her on-board development droids assembly series ‘Realmforge Studios’ have once again been able to implement another batch of bug fixes and improvements, as well as even some new features.

For the detail-oriented, a full list of these new features, improvements and fixes can be found below:

New Features
  • Added third single player campaign map: “Nightlife”.
  • Increased maximum research level in Skirmish to category 4.
  • Garbage Terminator will now also terminate vermin.
  • Vermin will no longer produce garbage when squished.
  • All UIs can now be closed by right-clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • Added UI button to discard the whole notification stack.
  • Added option to display all registered workers in room UI, not only the working ones.
  • Selecting a locked build option now shows the required research.
  • Added currency icons to in-text mentions of costs.
  • Fuzzies that are out of energy show that state now in their over-head UI.
  • Garbage Bomb will now reset its timer after being put down from pattern buffer.
  • Added basic graphics settings.


Important Notice:
Savegames from previous versions cannot be loaded with this version – unfortunately this is inevitable with all the changes that have been made and will be made tot he beta version, thanks to your effort.  Therefore, prior to v1.0 (finale release version) this is might happen with future beta updates, too. [VAL #sadface]


Bug fixes and Improvements


  • “Garbage Empire”: Increased Number of starting droids.
  • “Garbage Empire”: Adjusted Garbage Bomb.
  • “Garbage Empire”: Fixed recycler progress bar, legacy event value and legacy event description.
  • “Viral Vegetation”: Fixed script for arrival of infected.
  • “Viral Vegetation”: Fixed false follow-up quest.
  • “Introduction: Construction”: Increased default Prestige.
  • “Introduction: Bio Deck”: Improved staging of the bio deck.



  • Rebalanced the first 3 alien categories.
  • Added further VAL shop items.
  • Increased Dryad harvesting cooldown.
  • Radioactive material now inflicts more damage to the recycler.
  • Adjusted Sub and fun deck sector lights.
  • Various balancing changes.



  • Fixed problem with edge scrolling while in full screen mode.
  • Fixed highlighting and tooltips on sector gates in the various states.
  • Discarding an on-screen notification opens the next one in the notification stack if there is one.
  • Customs inspector notification now suppressed if no fine needs to be paid.
  • Fixed Cargo Hold UI to prevent items from changing slots if an item is picked.
  • Fixed number of stacked items in Cargo Hold displaying incorrectly
  • Improved behaviour of deconstruct mode, when modifying room layouts.
  • Show HED area of effect on mouse over.
  • Show air ventilation range, when building the object.
  • Highlight energy distributor coverage in the energy overlay.
  • Updated icons for Research and HEDs.
  • Various other UI changes.



  • Fixed a simulation crash, caused by the Factory.
  • Fuzzies low on energy now choose the right job when the recharge station is present in hologram mode.
  • Fixed fuzzies that sometimes were unable to use the recharger, getting stuck or disappearing.
  • Fixed fuzzies trying infinitely to deposit a crate in resource requesters.
  • Reworked alien need calculations.
  • Fixed aliens’ anger continuing to rise when the alien already wants to leave the station.
  • Fixed aliens boarding the station with higher needs than they should have.
  • When aliens’ needs get satisfied, while on their way, they may now reconsider their current goal.
  • Fixed station event ‘cleaning crew’ not despawning correctly in some instances.
  • Crates with variable rooms can now be dumped into the recycler.
  • Changed room scoring mechanic for better dispersion across multiple rooms of the same type.
  • Tweaked farm placement logic on the bio deck.



  • Reworked factory animation handling.
  • Fixed animations sometimes getting stuck.
  • Improved droid object handling goods and trash dropping.
  • Fixed various work logic/animation problems.
  • Fixed problems with visual unit attachment system.



  • Added some additional feedback voice lines.
  • Fixed Achievement icons missing in loading screen.
  • Activated VSync by default.
  • Various typo fixes and corrections.
  • Bio Deck: Updated bio deck music tracks.
  • Bio Deck: Softer bio deck biome transitions.
  • Bio Deck: Fixed issues with bio deck terrain texture seam and water effect.
  • Various model changes.
  • Various VFX changes.
  • Minor sound effect changes.
  • Various other fixes.


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