Spacebase Startopia beta update v.0.14.1 build 14 has been released!

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Thank you for supporting Spacebase Startopia thus far. We are thrilled with the amount of feedback we have received from the beta and we will be doing everything we can to read and process each query as quickly as possible!

As for the update: VAL is pleased to announce that her on-board development droids assembly series ‘Realmforge Studios’ have been able to implement the first batch of bug fixes and improvements.
For the detail-oriented, a full list of these fixes can be found below:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed camera movement breaking when renaming units
  • Fixed flickering VAL shop tooltips
  • Fixed problems with room editing
  • Tweaked text of several Campaign missions
  • Fixed camera zoom while rotating objects
  • Fixed Cargo Hold notifications
  • Fixed Disco not displaying info in UI
  • Fixed scrollbars jumping to the top whenever a list has its content updated


  • Factory product spawn now able to handle multiple products
  • Added new energy collectors for Bio and Fun Deck
  • Alien UI: arrest only now available with active Security Centre and Brig
  • Optimized factory visual timings
  • Added tooltip for filter in unit list UI
  • Added tooltip for repair costs
  • Updated hotkeys for swapping between Decks: F1 – F3


  • Removed additional starting sectors in Campaign mission
  • Simplified visitor distribution system for aliens
  • Tweaked timings of legacy/random events
  • Made several minor balancing adjustments

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