Spacebase Startopia beta – ‚VAC‘-Update (Voice And Controller) (v0.17) has been released!

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Thank you for supporting Spacebase Startopia thus far.

We are thrilled with the amount of feedback we have received from the beta and we will be doing everything we can to read and process each query as quickly as possible.

VAL is pleased to announce that her on-board development droid, assembly series ’Realmforge Studios’, has been able to implement another new batch of bug fixes, improvements, and features. Among these is the first iteration of controller support and new voice effect options for VAL.


Regarding the controller-support, VAL and her very own droid assembly series ‘Realmforge Studios’ here would like to see and read your feedback regarding the newly implemented feature.

For the detail-oriented, a full list of new features, improvements and fixes can be found below:

New features
  • Added additional voice effect options for VAL and updated default setting
  • Added additional Sound and Graphics settings
  • Added basic controller support
  • Added more visual variety to aliens
  • Added new sound effects


Important notice:
Saved games from previous versions of the beta are not compatible with this update. This is due to the sheer amount of changes that have been and will continue to be made up until launch. Prior to v1.0 (final release version) this may also impact future beta updates.
Additionally, please avoid using special characters in your savegames, as those can corrupt your new savegames.
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Bug fixes, improvements, and balancing
  • Made various performance improvements
  • Fixed a few problems with saving and loading games
  • Rebalanced levels
  • Bombs now explode correctly when picked up and dropped off again
  • Fixed some particle effects
  • Fixed bio pot and multiple plants (thanks to dorianmode)
  • Plants can now be thrown into the Recycler (thanks to dorianmode)
  • Fixed issue with Energy Distributor (thanks to Tharthrin and dorianmode)
  • Recycler now takes proper toxic waste damage (thanks to Wolvaen)
  • Fixed end-game stats
  • Added error message when unpacking objects on the wrong deck (thanks to iamharper)
  • Added a few missing icons
  • Added effect where promoting aliens now costs energy
  • Added some event and mini-map notifications
  • Tweaked Spaceport visitor logic
  • Fixed some problems when editing rooms
  • Fixed Sick Bay door animation
  • Fixed garbage bots being deleted when edited
  • Fixed issues that appeared when hats and illness crossed paths
  • Added some missing localization
  • Fixed, tweaked, and improved many things (too small and numerous to list)


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