Spacebase Startopia Update 0.23 available for Steam Beta & Xbox Game Preview

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VAL is pleased to announce the arrival of Update 0.23 to the Spacebase Startopia beta on Steam & Xbox Game Preview. This update includes several improvements including more detailed difficulty settings and re-worked tutorial chapters. A detailed list of all changes can be found below.

Thank you for supporting Spacebase Startopia thus far by providing such an impressive amount of feedback and suggestions. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the full game when it releases later this month.


Reworked tutorial

  • All tutorial chapters have received a major pass: improving readability, flow and presentation of information

Gameplay Improvements

  • Added selectable difficulty levels and a detailed overview of the difficulty settings 
  • Added VAL voice selection and added Skip button to VAL dialogue 
  • Added new decorative room objects like flooring and lamp variants on the Sub-Deck and Fun-Deck, as well as a floor aquarium and inflatable animals on the Fun-Deck  
  • Improved AI in combat, as well as AI handling of C.R.A.T.E.s 
  • Fixed manual arrest of aliens 
  • Improved and polished gamepad controls, sounds and visual effects 
  • Overhauled factory recipes and various factory tooltips 

Balancing Improvements 

  • Fixed alien category unlocks 
  • Adjusted berth and recycler costs 
  • Set Water Plants to high oxygen production and no resources 

Technical improvements 

  • Stability and performance improvements, especially to late game 
  • Updated controller UI elements 
  • Fixed wireless controller warning message 
  • Fixed matchmaking suspend/resume issue 
  • Fixed various text issues in several languages 
  • Added graphical update to the UI 
  • Fixed various other bugs and added an array of small improvements