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12. May 2021

Milestone 2018: Strategy classics get a new home

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On we go in our 15-year retrospective! The next milestone takes us back to the summer of 2018. It was a momentous occasion, 2 years ago in June, when we were able to announce that we’d secured the rights to Pyro Studios’ strategy classics Imperial Glory, Praetorians and, of course the forefather of real-time strategy, the mighty Commandos.


11. May 2021

“Dictatorship shall become extinct, Tropico shall please stay”

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Tropico, known world-over for its cheerful brand of dark humour, upbeat soundtrack, lush beaches, deep strategy gameplay and of course, protagonist El Presidente and his servile sidekick, Penultimo, has a lot of fans – reason enough for us to start a blog series surrounding industry professionals and what had them fall head-over-heels for the series.