The Absolute Evil sends Thalya on vacation in the second Dungeons 3 DLC

For all its malevolent might, the energy reserves of the Never-Resting Evil can indeed run low from time-to-time – and it’s time for a recharge! Naturally, the Recuperating Evil is also inclined to maintain motivation in its most capable agents, and so has offered Thalya a trip to the pirate holiday paradise of Turtoga. So it’s goodbye dungeon and hello sun, sand and summer!

While the Attentive Evil has planned this little getaway with relaxation in mind, its deviously inventive mind couldn’t resist setting a few tasks and challenges for Thalya to keep her mind sharp (and its boredom at bay) while enjoying the sun.

Dungeons3_DLC_Evil_of_the_Caribbean_08Not relaxing enough? Then perhaps it’s time for a nice visit to the gambling den. Of course, any evildoer worth their salt wouldn’t even consider repaying the debt – not much fun to be had in that.

No beach vacation would be complete without a little dip in the tropical waters of Turtoga! However, it doesn’t look like Thalya will be able to have the beach to herself…a few of the locals were talking about something the…Cthollho? Kertooloo? Something like that. But if anyone can slap some sense into a mischievous monstrosity, it’s Thalya!

The ‘Evil of the Caribbean’ DLC for Dungeons 3 will be released on Friday 2nd March 2018 for PC (Windows, Linux and Mac via Steam), PS4 and Xbox One.

Features at a glance:

  • A new, fully-voiced campaign across 3 challenging maps
  • 3 new evil hubs
  • New wall tile set for your dungeon
  • New outfit: Thalya the pirate

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