Today sees the release of another update for the Port Royale 4 beta!

Hear ye, explorers!
Today sees the release of update v.0.1.0-13519-1399 to the Port Royale 4 beta.
Here, we have added more language options, made some changes to gameplay balancing and fixed a lot of bugs. We love reading your feedback. Please keep it coming!
Full changelog below:

Improvement and additions
  • Added the languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Added more flags to choose from
  • Vessels at the shipyard are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added new description texts within the ‘Convoy Management’ tab
  • Overhauled animations and sound effects for various vessels and Captains’ tactics
  • Overhauled ‘Boarding’ animation during naval battles
  • Added animation to the character ‘Sammy’ in the Tutorial menu
  • Overhauled triggers for achievement conditions
  • Added notification for quick saves
Bug fixes
  • Optimized UI: button legends, dialogue, and menu windows
  • Fixed various (reported) crashes
  • Fixed some graphical glitches: yellow coloration of Nassau, incorrect camera angle in ocean, abrupt lighting changes in game menu, tooltips and markers disappearing
  • Fixed ‘Viceroy’ tab from triggering positive notification when collapsed
  • Fixed incorrect rounding of Fame points
  • Fixed missing animations from naval battles: boarded ships now show visual indication of an engagement; sinking ships leave a trail of flotsam
  • Optimized button placement in ‘Town’ window
  • Fixed subtitles during intro and outro videos (these are no longer cut off)
  • Fixed incorrect placement of arrow marker
  • Fixed missing convoys during Tutorial missions
  • Fixed instances where mini map would not update while game is paused
  • Optimized ‘Town’ filter and the grouping of goods by adding a color distinction
  • Fixed graphical flickering on city plaques and info text
  • Lowered town satisfaction for certain ports and cities, which was set too high
  • Adjusted date shown during Spanish intro video: previously, this was set too far in the future
  • In Spanish campaign, fixed objectives and some tasks that fulfilled automatically
  • Balanced Spanish campaign objectives: some objectives proved to be too difficult for the amount of fame the player receives
  • Adjusted social media links in main menu
  • Fixed missing text in ‘Warehouse’ menu
  • Fixed crashes (CTD) during tied naval battles
  • Fixed instances in which multiple turn skips during naval battles would prevent progression
  • Optimized text and icons within ‘Treasure Hunt’ window
  • Decreased density of Treasure Fleets
  • Removed redundant mission dialogue e.g. “attack not possible”
  • Fixed issue where highlighted buttons no longer worked
  • Fixed instances of naval battle markers on the Campaign map disappearing
  • Optimized day to night transition
  • Fixed the incorrect display of trade route waypoints
  • Fixed info text for ‘Shipyard’ within the Construction menu
  • Added naval battle sound adjustment to Audio Settings control panel
  • Fixed missing sound effects for construction and farming when player zooms in or out
  • Added timer to naval blockades when attacking pirate hideouts
  • Fixed missing illustration for building plots
  • Overhauled English campaign dialogue and task updates
  • Tweaked English campaign objectives (e.g. balanced trade-off between difficulty and reward)
  • Fixed instance where error messages could display when players boots up the game
  • Fixed input delay when editing trade routes and optimized controls
  • Fixed broken city map during Campaign setup at main menu
  • Fixed bug which prevented convoys from entering ports
  • Fixed missing tooltips for: ‘Sailors’ icon, ‘Captains’ icon and ‘Siege Battles’ icon
  • Fixed issue where selecting a flag would result in nothing happening
  • Fixed issue where player could assign two actions to one button on gamepad
  • Fixed issue where, if engaged in a naval battle, the player could not open the game menu during their own turn
  • Optimized in-game manual colour assignment
  • Fixed bug which prevented players from leaving the ‘Town’ dialogue
  • Fixed incorrect button legend display that occurred when a controller is disconnected
  • Fixed a bug preventing gamepad settings from updating
  • Fixed low-quality textures in the ‘Setting up a Trade Route’ tutorial