Tropico 6 Guide: El Presidente reveals the sneakiest and most underhanded ways to rule your island! (Part 1 of 2)

El Presidente, it’s an honour to meet you. We’ve got a lot to cover so if you don’t mind, I’d like to get right to business…

El Presidente: “Business! Yes, very good. Did you know that till the 9th August, the whole Tropico franchise will be on sale via the Fanatical store? Go new-school with Tropico 6 at 20% off, or try an old-school Tropico title like Tropico 3: Gold at a massive 70% off!

Wow… sounds great! But uh, I was hoping you could you start by telling me about what you do when you feel like an election campaign isn’t going your way?

El Presidente: “Oh, right. Well, I’ve never lost an election. But if they do start to agitate me, I sometimes enforce the “Martial Law” edict to just get rid of them.”

But…wouldn’t the people rebel against that kind of action?

El Presidente: “Rebels? They are nothing. If you make the right preparations – there is no threat. I find that building more media buildings increases Tropico’s overall liberty. The people will usually fall in line if their other needs are met. Plus, I personally selected and hired a Minister from the Religious faction. Thanks to him, every time someone with rebellious tendencies visits their church, there’s a 10% chance that they will start to see things my way. At least that’s what the developers, uh I mean Penultimo, told me… *coughs*

OK, but what if you hadn’t made those…um, “preparations”?

El Presidente: “I would not be Presidente if I could not deal with a few rebels. If the situation starts to get out of hand, I can simply arrest them. And you know, accidents happen. *coughs* These days, I could also build a Drone Command centre and “resolve” the situation autonomously. Then there’s the “Policy of Détente” edict, which results in a 50% chance of rebels having a change of heart with immediate effect.”

This all sounds rather expensive. Is there enough money in Tropico’s economy to support these activities, or do you subsidise these costs with your own funds?

El Presidente: “Indeed. My Swiss bank accountuh, I mean my completely legal and not at all offshore bank account  –  is always filled to the brim. I managed to amass a small fortune by activating the “Penal Colony” edict, actively welcoming prisoners to Tropico…where the “Convict Labor” workmode in my prisons ensures we earn a stable income from the rougher side of the citizenry.  

You know what? Let’s change topics. Tell me, do you actually know any legal means to win an election?

El Presidente: *shudders* “I don’t tend to spend much time worrying about the “L-word”.

Uh, that isn’t what the “L-word” stands f…

El Presidente: “Of course, there is also another easy way to win elections! Before the campaign begins, I drastically cut the supply of one of the citizens’ needs, like housing. It’s easy, I just decrease the budget of all housing buildings to the absolute minimum.”

That’s horrible!

El Presidente: “Yes, yes…but don’t worry. During my election speech, I then promise the best housing quality in the world if I’m elected – and then push the budget of each housing building back up to the max. Et voilà, happy Tropicans that love it when their Presidente fulfils his promises.”

I see. Well, there you have it folks. Insights on how to rule your own island paradise from El Presidente himself. Here’s part 2 of the interview: CLICK ME