El Presidente reveals the sneakiest and most underhanded ways to rule your island in Tropico 6! (Part 2 of 2)

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Welcome back El Presidente, today we’d like to continue our interview from last week. Tell me, what are your methods for – legally – influencing Tropico’s economy?

El Presidente: “Good question, but again with the “L-word”? Whatever. Firstly, did you know that you can get 20% off Tropico 6 right now at Gamesplanet? Oh, and it just so happens that my favourite edict is perfect for stimulating the economy too. It’s called ‘Employee of the month’ – and has no consequences whatsoever. Just many, many Tropicans who suddenly feel inspired to work double shifts at work. Fascinating how something so simple can motivate people, eh?”

It’s incredible how much power you have, Presidente. But let’s change topic. What is your opinion on immigrants coming to Tropico?

El Presidente: “I love immigrants! They’re so easy to control.”

Wait, what? What do you mean “control”?

El Presidente: “It’s simple – I built the Immigration Office. From there you can have complete control over immigration. For example, the “Tropico First” workmode disables immigration entirely. Less immigrants means slower gameplay *coughs* I mean less…productivity, but also means I have more time to react to the needs of my loyal Tropicans. Then we can just hire expensive foreign workers once the economy has grown. You must also remember that creating more jobs can lead to a high vacancy rate – which doesn’t usually go down well with the island’s communists.”

Talking about jobs, how many Teamster Offices do you need on your island to support the workforce?

El Presidente: “That depends on the industry in question. In simple terms, when the outstock of a building is more than 1.000, or if the outstock is completely full – then you definitely need more Teamster Offices.

And, uh, what if I’m too late noticing these signs?

El Presidente: “There is no problem that your Presidente cannot solve! First, upgrading existing Teamster Offices and increasing the budget will to create more jobs and allow the buildings to store more cargo. Then I would increase the speed of the Teamster trucks with the “Speed Highway” edict. Too many cars on the road will block the Teamster trucks, so building more metros, buses or cable cars can help ease congestion.

Brilliant! Thank you for these helpful insights, Presidente. Now I feel like I can start my own dictatorship on my own island. *laughs*

El Presidente: “Stop right there! What is this? Treason!? Guards! Seize this rebel scum!”

No, w-

*transmission ends*