Tropico 6 Update (v.11) ‘La Misteriosa Palmera’ has been released! | Kalypso Media Blog

30. September 2020

Tropico 6 Update (v.11) ‘La Misteriosa Palmera’ has been released!

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A free new update for Tropico 6 is now available.

Packed with improvements, the ‘La Misteriosa Palmera‘  Update brings with it 4 new sandbox maps as well as balancing changes and various bug fixes!

You can find the full list of tweaks and improvements below:


  • Added new sandbox maps:
    La Palmera, Colinas Misteriosas, El Monstruo, Seis Reyes De Cabeza
  • [Origin] Added Brazilian Portuguese language support
  • Game no longer overwrites all autosaves while in pause mode
  • Docks and Airports can now be relocated, as long as the arrival time for the next vessel is longer than 2 months away

Community feedback

  • [Lobbyistico] Balancing changes — The impact of corruption has been reduced by approx. 1/3
  • DLC soundtracks have a higher probability of playing
  • It is now possible to complete objectives such as “place a building near embassy” by relocating buildings

Bug fixes

  • [Lobbyistico] Normal parks from the DLC are no longer unique
  • Fixed an issue where guard towers did not attack rebels
  • Fixed an issue where defence priority cannot be set during rebel attacks
  • Fixed an issue where tourists did not leave the island after undergoing “the way of the blue pill” treatment in the asylum
  • Fixed an unfulfillable objective to construct a landing in chapter IV of the tutorial
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed erratic rebel behaviour
  • Fixed an issue where Tropicans can get stuck in docks
  • Fixed an issue where kids would not take their parents’ names if they were originally immigrants
  • Fixed an issue where area affects did not properly apply after relocating a building
  • Fixed an issue where the efficiency of Ranches would not update after relocating
  • Fixed an issue where billboards where not properly shown after relocating
  • Fixed further cases of issue where duplicate buildings would not properly align to grid
  • Plantations now correctly show resource selection screen after duplicating
  • Fixed an issue where duplication and relocation of media buildings resulted in wrong work mode
  • Fixed an issue where Newspaper effect was still active in pause mode
  • Removed pause option from bus stops and garbage dump due to unwanted side effects
  • Fixed an issue where docks without road connections still received goods
  • Fixed an issue where the Research Lab’s “Invest Knowledge” work mode did not improve the efficiency of offices
  • Fixed road placement issue around the Palace and Conventillo
  • Fixed an issue where no overlay was shown during placement of Space Memorial and El Prez sign
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed several translation and text issues
  • Fixed a few graphical glitches