Urban Empire – New City Ruler Game Announced

We are thrilled to announce our brand-new City RulerUrban Empire. This new breed of strategy game will combine city builder features with political scheming and adds 200 years of historical progress into the mix, creating a whole new gameplay experience where players must employ strategic planning and political savvy to successfully grow their cities in their role as Mayor.

Developed by Finnish studio Fragment Production, Urban Empire will be released for Windows PC later in 2016.

Ihre Bürgermeister-DynastieHere’s how you play Urban Empire!

You’ll start out as a mayor of the second-biggest city in Swarelia, a fictitious Austro-Hungarian country, during the industrial revolution. Pick one of four leading families which you will guide through the eras and all of the social and political challenges that will come with being a Mayor. Choose carefully as this will influence your play-style as well as the paths that will open up for you on your way to success. There are, for example, the Kilgannon family with their working class background, who are committed supporters of change and civil rights; or the aristocratic von Pfilzen’s, advocates of traditional and conservative morals.

The City Districts
After picking your family, you will start to establish and shape new districts for your ever-growing city. These will form communities with unique needs and challenges. Which one needs your attention the most? Which are the problems you should tackle first? And once you’ve come to a decision how to deal with things – how will your city council react?

The City Council
Now it’s time to bring your plan to the city council and convince them to vote your way. In case they don’t, you can always pay out of your own pocket or start a dirty blackmailing campaign against your opponents. But you need to keep in mind – every action will influence your standing with the single parties. There’s always an election to be won!

Progress and Research
Not only your city, but also the world around you is changing – new inventions, events and ideas will require you to take action. Of course, it’s up to you, to oppose or block some of them for your city. But blocking or avoiding progress, for example women’s suffrage, will always have consequences; not only effecting your standing with the city council but also with your citizens.


Urban Empire: The Districts