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9. March 2023

Railway Empire 2 | FAQ

Genre:Tycoon Simulation
Release:May 25th 2023
Age rating:IARC Rating:
ESRB Everyone 10+, PEGI 7, USK 12
Platforms:PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch™ (June 22nd 2023)

What is Railway Empire 2❓


All aboard the express train to riches and fame in Railway Empire 2! Don the coat of a clever entrepreneur, take over a small railway company in the early 1800s and turn your steam engines into the workhorses of the economy. Grow your company into the largest railway company of the continent and outsmart your competitors as you connect cities and companies with an ever-expanding network of rail lines, bridges, and tunnels. 60 famous locomotives are at your disposal, all pulling freight and passenger cars as they usher in an era of historic importance during the Industrial Revolution.


Railway Empire 2 features bigger, more detailed and lively maps than ever before. The whole of the US and continental Europe are covered in two huge, sprawling maps, whilst more detailed maps put the focus on specific regions of each continent. * Improved track construction helps you focus on the important decisions as you drive the economy and help the growth of the cities. Signals are placed automatically, bridges can hold up to 4 tracks, and the expandable train stations can now have up to 8 tracks.


Choose from 6 different characters to lead your railway company, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Play the 5-chapter campaign or choose from any of the 14 different scenarios. Set your own difficulty in the fully customisable Free Play mode or build the perfect rail network in construction mode.

* For the Nintendo Switch version, the maps are segmented

manualpic track 1

What are the main features of Railway Empire 2❓

  • Railroad tycoon with AI opponents
  • Co-op mode for up to 4 players *
    *This does not include the Switch version of Railway Empire 2
  • More than 13 million square kilometres are your playground to build a huge railway empire.
  • 16 maps, with 8 covering America and 8 covering Europe. Two of the maps will let you expand your railway empire across the entire continent. *
    * For the Nintendo Switch version, the maps are segmented
  • 60 detailed and historically accurate locomotives.
  • Starts with the easy-track train mode and becomes a complex transport simulation.
  • Remote view for planning and 30,000x zoomed-in close-up view for amazing details.
  • Enjoy the ride on your own trains and experience your railway empire up close.
  • Campaign Mode
  • Free Play Mode – select the rules and the challenges you want.
  • Sandbox Mode – do whatever you want without any restrictions.
  • Improved track construction.
  • Paint your locomotives.
manualpic supplytower.4k

Railway Empire 2 in numbers 🔢

A 5-chapter campaign

14 different scenarios

Co-op with up to 4 players *
* This does not include the Switch version of Railway Empire 2

60 locomotives

Continent-spanning maps: the map of Europe or the map of North America result in a total in more than 13 million square kilometers for your Railway Empire *
* For the Nintendo Switch version, the maps are segmented

269 cities

8 tracks for stations

∞ parallel tracks *

∞ tracks for bridges *

* Those features might not be available or differ for the Nintendo Switch version.

manualpic track with trains

When will Railway Empire 2 be released❓

Railway Empire 2 is on track since May 25th 2023 and out now with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC! It is also available on Xbox Series X|S consoles, Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4|5. A Nintendo Switch version will follow on June 22nd.

Who is developing Railway Empire 2❓

Railway Empire 2 is being developed by Gaming Minds, located in Gütersloh, Germany. They are known for games like the Patrician series, the Port Royale series, and of course, Railway Empire!

ill factory vegetables.4k

What Game Modes are available❓

Campaign Mode

There will, again, be a campaign with 5 chapters. It spans over the different eras and is set in both the USA and Europe.


Challenge yourself in 14 different and exciting scenarios and compete for a top spot in the online leaderboards. Are you up for the competition? Who will be the greatest tycoon the Railway Empire community has ever seen?

Custom game

Freedom is the theme of this mode! Choose your starting options and challenge yourself in whichever way you want to. The true endless Railway Empire 2 experience!

Sandbox Mode

Unlimited money, no competitors and no tasks! The ultimate laid-back experience to build your dream railway empire has become a reality! Cover a whole continent in tracks and expand to your heart’s content! Nothing restricts you!

Multiplayer Mode *
loco brooksmogul.4k gespiegelt

In the brand-new cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players, you can team up with other tycoons. You can even join in later if your train is late. Jump straight into the action of your friends’ games.
*This does not include the Switch version of Railway Empire 2

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Will it be possible to play the whole of the US OR the European continent at once❓

Yes, the whole of the US and continental Europe are covered with two huge, sprawling maps. *

*This does not include the Switch version of Railway Empire 2

ill station.4k

Will players be able to customize cities /railway stations❓

Depending on the size of the city and your financial situation, you will be able to build factories or other producing facilities there. With enough money, you will also be able to build special buildings like universities and landmarks. In the scenario that a building slot is already covered, you can then purchase the building via auction.

Railway Stations can be expanded to accommodate more trains and tracks and can also be fitted with useful extensions.

manualpic track with trains