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6. February 2020

10 Tips That Might Save Your Back in Commandos 2 – HD Remaster

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Let’s be honest, Commandos has never been a walk in the park. So naturally, Commandos 2 – HD Remaster pushes players to their limits. In order to overcome all the missions you’ll need to employ some serious strategic thinking and quite a bit of forward planning. The following tips are aimed to help veteran fans refresh their memories and also help ease the way for newcomers on their road to success.

Commandos 2 HD Remaster 2
  1. A pack of cigarettes or a bottle of wine are very tempting indeed in the eyes of a soldier, which makes them a good method of distraction for you.
  2. Mind your step(s)! Enemies can see and hear you and will follow any footprints you leave behind on snow or sand.
  3. “Spike” is the Thief’s friend and will obey only him. He has trained his loyal companion so that when you select a specific spot on the scenery with the “rat” cursor, Spike runs over and performs a couple of somersaults to attract the enemy’s attention, giving the Thief time to pass by undetected.
  4. Some missions contain puzzle pieces. Collect them all and finish the game to unlock special bonus missions!
  5. This might sound trivial, but believe us, it will save you. Before entering a room, it’s highly recommended that you look inside first!
  6. If a soldier sees an incapacitated ally on the ground, they will run towards them to help out. If they see a dead ally, they will scream and then run towards them.
  7. Dropping a body over a mine will not activate it, but it is good bait…
  8. Every weapon makes a noise, except the Spy’s poisonous syringe and gas granades.
  9. While in disguise, the Spy can give lower ranked guards an order. For example, you could set up a trap and order the guard to walk right into it.
  10. There are some special patrols which can spot even the Spy. You should take care of them first.
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Commandos 2 – HD Remaster is now available in the Kalypso Store.